Hmmm…I wonder who she’s talking

Hmmm…I wonder who she’s talking about? Zerbisias in today’s Star:
Check some of the thousands of blogs (Web logs) that have sprung up since 9/11 and it’s obvious how nasty and polarized things have become. I’d list their URLs but I wouldn’t want to give them the ink. Suffice to say that some of the pro-war sites in particular ooze with hate.
Zerbisias says television is “relatively civil” because it’s “more moderated and must conform with regulatory standards.” A couple of paragraphs later, she calls Jonah Goldberg a “neo-con snot,” but I’m sure she meant it in a civil way.
By the way, Zerb’s most infamous column, in which she praised as “carefully crafted” and “compelling” before we nasty bloggers pointed out that it was a festering swamp of anti-Jewish hate, has mysteriously disappeared from her Star column archive, though it hasn’t been removed from the server altogether.