A Red State surprise

Proposition 8 notwithstanding, it’s undeniably much easier to be openly gay in California than in Wyoming. But it’s in Wyoming – one of the most conservative states in the Union – that the legislature has decided against a referendum to ban same-sex marriage, thanks largely to an openly gay Democrat (who says she’s “too lazy” to stay in the closet) and a Mormon Republican who doesn’t agree with his Church’s political involvement with the issue. (via The Volokh Conspiracy)
Damian P.

3 thoughts on “A Red State surprise

  1. Ellie in T.O. says:

    Of course, now we’ll never know how that vote would have gone. The majority are once again silenced by the minority.

  2. Northern Raven says:

    This shouldn’t be too surprising, as former Congressman of Wyonming At Large, Dick Cheney, who’s daught identified herself as a homosexual, has expressed a private opinion on the matter. Basically one’s sexuallity is a private matter NOT the role of the state to intervene.
    As former PC MP Elsie Wayne has said before that she doesn’t really care what you are, just don’t flaunt and have parades in public about it.

  3. Ellie in T.O. says:

    Hmm. . . according to the comments section at Volokh, Wyoming already defines marriage statutorily as between a man and woman, leading some to speculate that this referendum may have been defeated merely because it was seen as redundant.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what reaction if any results if an activist judge in Wyoming issues a diktat against the traditional definition of marriage.

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