Cars at Costco

Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart already sell Chinese-built ATVs, so I guess this was only a matter of time:

…Instead of using franchised dealerships, Mexican-built Chinese cars could be sold at large retail chains like CostCo and Walmart. GS Motors, the Mexican distributor for China’s FAW brand, is already trialing this strategy in Mexico and would likely do the same in the States, assuming the program proves successful in smaller markets.

This might actually work, if the cars are inexpensive enough (shouldn’t be a problem) and if test drives can be arranged. (It’s actually been tried before: Sears sold a version of the Henry J, rebadged as the “Allstate,” in the early 1950s.)
Damian P.

5 thoughts on “Cars at Costco

  1. Mississauga Tom says:

    Heck, I thought the Chinese cars would be sold at Dollarama. You’d buy one for a buck – or $1.50 or maybe $2.00 – they’ve changed their policy.
    When it got dirty or needed fixing, you’d just get a new one.
    That may seem far-fetched but consider: in 1960 it cost two thousand 1960 dollars to buy the calculating power of a desktop electro-mechanical calculator, e.g. Friden or Marchant. You could get a Volkswagen for the same price.
    At Dollarama today for one buck you can get a calculator that is faster and better than the old Friden. Oh yeah, to get a square root option in 1960 cost $1000 extra. It’s standard today for $1.00

  2. Jay Random says:

    Just one difficulty, M.T.: Materials cost money. That calculator at the dollar store is smaller than a credit card. Show me a car the size of a credit card and I’ll show you a car that people won’t even buy at the dollar store . . . for good reason. Show me a car made out of the same quantity of raw materials as that calculator, and I’ll be happy to watch it pop like a soap bubble.
    In other words, yes, it is far-fetched.

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