Banning Wilders

I personally don’t believe Dutch politician/would-be filmmaker/free-speech hypocrite Geert Wilders is quite repellent enough to be banned from Britain, but if the Brits want to keep him out, that’s their business. (Similarly, Canada should not feel obliged to let the Fred Phelps gang into the country. Heck, I believe Venezuela should have the right to keep out Lech Walesa if it really wants, though this says more about the splendid Bolivarian Revolution than it does about Walesa.)
It’s interesting to compare Wilders to people who have been allowed into Britain, though:

…this Government could not bring itself to ban Ibrahim Mousawi:

Mousawi was the editor of Al-Manar: Hizbullah’s satellite TV channel. Al-Manar claimed that 9/11 was a Zionist conspiracy, and broadcast a TV show called ‘The Diaspora’ which is based on ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. Here are a couple of scenes from that show. When the French broadcasting authority proposed banning Al-Manar for inciting antisemitism Mousawi complained that this was because of ‘political pressure by the Jewish lobby’. Mousawi also told the New Yorker that Jews are ‘a lesion on the forehead of history’.
Mousawi was invited to the United Kingdom by the Stop the War Coalition last year. And now they’ve invited him back, for an eight date UK speaking tour.

[emphasis added]

Damian P.

3 thoughts on “Banning Wilders

  1. Jim Whyte says:

    I agree on your observation about selective exclusion, and on a sovereign state’s right to keep anybody out it wants to. But I don’t think either of those is the real issue here.
    Wilders was invited by a Peer to address a house of Parliament. Another Peer threatened riot, and that is how all this started. Keeping Wilders out now is an assault on the privileges of Parliament by the government, and that ain’t no good.

  2. Greg R says:

    How interesting. So Wilders can join Omar Bakri Mohammed, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart on the list of people that Labour thinks are not good enough for the UK. Of the list above, 2 are criminals, 1 is a terrorist fundraiser/genocidal ex-mujihadeen, and 1 is a mouthy politician who produced a film less defamatory of Islam than the average fatwa issued from the looney tunes “Professors” at al-Azhar.
    When exactly did common sense, proportion, and liberty pack up and leave the UK?
    On the plus side, a quick perusal of 5 major Brit dailies shows all of them have this as major stories on the homepage, and 4 (including the Grauniad!) have pro-free speech editorials. Only the Independent has declined to comment on Labour’s shame.

  3. Joel Shapiro says:

    What I find disgusting is not that Geert Wilders, in his movie Fitna, published this racist garbage, but the racist garbage itself. (And really, what other legitimate position could there be on this matter?)
    What I find shocking is that the major Western news outlets are systematically hiding this material from us, thereby protecting the reputation of these rabid racists. Let the world judge them by their words and deeds as reported accurately and objectively by legitimate news outlets around the world.

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