Katzenjammer Katches

Dan Gardner of the Ottawa Citizen, hard at truth and logic at his blog:

The largest “in recorded history”
The not-an-academic defence of Malcolm Gladwell and Naomi Klein
It’s time for your meds, Canada

Further to the last post above, Giggles of The Globe needs some truly serious meds:

Michael Ignatieff is just weeks into his leadership, enjoying a honeymoon period, holding parties to make nice with Liberals still in recovery from the Dion era and fighting off American news media clamouring for interviews about his strong connections to Barack Obama.
There is a buzz around the new Liberal Leader, who several weeks ago was the subject of a huge spread in the Sunday New York Times and is awaiting the arrival of a PBS television crew that is coming to Ottawa to do a documentary on him. He is garnering the kind of attention his predecessor, Stéphane Dion, could only dream of.
…the new Liberal Leader, who is well-travelled and well-known in Britain and the United States, even has an advantage when it comes to Mr. Obama, who is visiting Ottawa next week.
“I just pick up the phone to some of my friends in his administration …,” Mr. Ignatieff said on CTV’s Question Period earlier this year when discussing how close his ties are with the Obama White House.

The NY Times “spread” wasn’t that huge, but clearly Giggles does worship

The Second Coming of Mickey I. …

Mark C.

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