Canadian angers and attitudes

Many Canadians are outraged that the Americans are holding a Canadian, fifteen at the time of his capture in Afghanistan, at Guantanamo Bay; and that the Americans have been planning to try him for the alleged murder, whilst he was with al Qaeda, of an American soldier (aka “OKAI” syndrome).
At the same time two Canadians, working on behalf of the UN and one who was for many years a most senior public servant, seem to be held hostage by an al Qaeda “franchise”. Yet no public outrage.
Go figure. And go determine one’s real enemies, if one has a thinking brain. Which, sadly, a Polish engineer brutally beheaded by the Taliban no longer has.
Mark C.

7 thoughts on “Canadian angers and attitudes

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    Now that President Obama has promised to close Guantanamo as one of his first official acts, perhaps Canada should make him an offer for the little terrorist?

  2. Les says:

    Everyone talks like Omar is Two….he’s Twenty Two…he doesn’t need adopting…doesn’t need special teachers…he has probably learned a lot more interesting things to do being held with other fine upstanding criminals. If the leftist are so determinded to bring Omar home….let the left and all it’s followers cough up a bond of 10 to 20 million out of their own pocket to guarantee that Omar will be a good boy. They will never do this however because it requires cash and talking is cheaper and the gullible are many

  3. gerry says:

    [I’m always amazed at the reactions of Canucks to American actions. It is as if the Canadians think of themselves as detached from the world, and certainly the US, which is the certain Satan of the world and about to happen ( since 1947).
    I really like Canadians, and even have met some quite sane,though many not. I’m half French, Heh! It’s all very amusing.

  4. Chuck says:

    Canada’s solution to each of those whiners is to give each of them Ten Million Dollars of our hard earned taxpayer money so they can bring in a flock more of the same kind to be coddled and given the funds to further situations criminal or otherwise in their country of origin.
    Wonder how many millions OF FUNDS these coniving leaches would get from their country of origin if the role was reversed?
    Isn’t there anyone in Canada in charge (meaning those who spend OUR DOLLARS like drunken sailors) or in the immigration idiot department with half a brain to deal with this crap before it snowballs into current situations?
    I guess the attitude is to HELL with the homeless and starving to our own genuine Canadians who have been here for generations and
    built this country from the start.

  5. Philanthropist says:

    Khadr must be returned to Afghanistan, that is where he terrorized and killed people. Afghans need to see justice done. If he is not, it undermines the Canadian mission in that country.

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