At least the Toronto Star covered it

The anti-Taliban rally in Toronto Feb. 15 by Canadian Pashtuns, that is. Good on the Star; it appears no-one else in our major media bothered to report the event–why? Terry Glavin posts, with photos (Star story first link within):

Toronto Rally Against Taliban Atrocities

Rob Breakenridge of CHQR 770 Calgary also noticed Mr Glavin’s post at his blog; so did Atlas Shrugged, also with photos.
Here’s more from Mr Glavin, about the lunatic ignorance and prejudice–regarding Afghanistan and other things–of a famous old leftie:

Tariq Ali: Archetype of the Dead Left

Raphael Alexander, for his part, titles a post of his own rather more, er, elegantly:

The Cognitive Dissonance Of The “Pseudo-Left”

Mark C.

4 thoughts on “At least the Toronto Star covered it

  1. Jonathan Dursi says:

    Again, though, Marc, I’m confused. Just a few days ago you told us that people protesting things they couldn’t change was `self indulgent’ and people doing it should just shut up.
    And here, you’re praising a handful of people protesting a foreign policy issue at the Ontario Legislature. A legislative body which cannot, of course, effect anything the Taliban does. So these people are being self-indulgent and should shut up, right? Yes?
    Or is your only real point that people who you agree with should make their voices heard, and those you don’t should be silenced?
    My own thinking is that people should make their voices heard regardless of what *you* happen to think about it, but that makes me part of the dead left /pseudo left, I guess.

  2. stephen Reeves says:

    Apparently a few people protesting the Taliban in Toronto, has upset Jonathan, what has this country come to , when we allow protests against the Taliban!.

  3. Dr.Dawg says:

    Mr. Dursi has a good point–this kind of argument is precisely the same as Mark’s other one: that we should be in Afghanistan, teaching democracy to the former Northern Alliance at the point of a gun no matter what the cost, but any attempt on our part to help stop the genocide in Darfur is worthy of scorn and contempt.

  4. RM says:

    I don’t think trying to stop the genocide in Darfur is an unworthy objective, merely an unachievable one. The simple truth is, the West can’t accomplish anything militarily without US participation. The Europeans couldn’t even get their act together in the Balkans and that’s in their own backyard. The Americans aren’t interested in Darfur. They are heavily-committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and simply don’t have the resources or the desire to open another theater of operations in the Sudan. It’s not going to happen, so I so no point in continuing to push for Canada to abandon Afghanistan in order to tilt at windmills in Africa.

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