4 thoughts on “Definitely Obama’s war

  1. Ran says:

    Obama’s war is on the US Constitution.
    As to Afghanistan, as long as no event overly embarrasses the boy prez, the media will stay quiet. It will remain no-one’s war. Shhh!!!

  2. Dara says:

    Any bets on whether Harper will man up and present his own case for the war? Try to sway Canadian public opinion rather than just hiding from it?
    Or will he mumble along, hoping that he can avoid taking a serious position until he gets his precious majority?

  3. Andre says:

    Interesting double standard by the “progressive” and the mainstream media on this one.
    When Bush pushed for the surge in Iraq, the usual Bushitler derangement syndrome took over. When The Knighted One sends 17000 additional troops to Afghanistan, not a peep can be heard from anyone. In fact, the question is now to see whether Canada can be convinced to stay beyond the 2011. Let’s see how the left on Canada reacts to it and whether we will be treated to the usual drivel of Canada’s “peacemaking tradition” again.
    So, people, let’s get used to the new reality that with Obama in the White House, Afghanistan is now considered a “good war”.

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