How times change (II)

Car Lust: “in 1976, Chrysler was able to sell the F-body Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volaré as ‘compact cars’ with a straight face. To put these cars into a more modern perspective, the coupe version of the Aspen is 198.8 inches long. A brand new Chrysler 300C, on the other hand, is only 196.8 inches long–the “compact” Aspen is two inches longer than a modern full-size luxury car. That station wagon to the right, meanwhile, checks in at 201.2 inches, which is only an inch shorter than a base trim Escalade.”
Damian P.

2 thoughts on “How times change (II)

  1. The Surly Beaver says:

    Yeah, but the Aspen probably weighs at least 1000 lbs less than the 300C. Indeed, go back a little further, and your Detroit compacts – Falcons, Novas, Valiants, Ramblers, whatever their dimensions all weigh the same as their modern day successors. My 1966 Valiant Custom 200 (rebadged Dodge Dart) weighs around 2700lbs, about the same as a 2009 Focus. At 196 inches long its about 20 inches longer than the Focus. The fact is, pretty well all cars built since the mid-nineties are complete lardbuckets.
    How times change indeed.

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