Keeping out the trash

I think Britain should have allowed Geert Wilders into the country, but I can’t argue with this:

The Home Secretary has banned two extremist anti-gay preachers from entering Britain, a move that follows a decision to refuse entry to Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Muslim MP.
Fred Phelps and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper, who belong to the US Westboro Baptist Church, were planning to come to the UK to protest outside a performance of a youth play called The Laramie Project, which recounts the death of gay university student Matthew Shepard who was killed in Laramie, Wyoming, in October 1998.
It was due to be performed at Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke, Hampshire, tomorrow.

The Times story makes reference to a 2007 BBC documentary about the Phelps clan, The Most Hated Family in America, which is well tracking down.
Damian P.

4 thoughts on “Keeping out the trash

  1. Blame Crash says:

    Re : but I can’t argue with this.
    Is that just your way of supporting government control over people’s beliefs and ideologies?
    So you want the government to let in the people you agree with and the one’s you don’t should be given the punt. Kind a like ”we’re all equal, but some are more equal then other’s”. Can’t say I agree with you there.
    As far as your comment about the BBC, what are you implying? That the BBC is not a bunch of untrustworthy propagandists who’s every word cannot be trusted? I don’t know too much about these people you dislike, but I’ll never trust the BBC’s to tell me the truth about them.

  2. dej rabel says:

    so if you are elected you can have free speech but not if you are a citizen in a free society?
    as long as people are not advocating violence or harm, shouldn’t they be able to express their opinions?

  3. Paul says:

    Yes, they are hateful trash. So what? Banning them is fascist … and I seldom use the term.
    The very same mentality that kept out Wilders keeps them out. Why not defeat them in the open market-place of ideas … once you start banning everyone simply because you don’t like what they say, the road to mind control becomes steeper and you find though, that some “trash” gets a pass, while other trash doesn’t simply based on the politics of those in power.
    For example, Paul Watson and his humanity hate are just fine for UK elites … great numbers of Muslim hate preachers (that’d be just about every imam) get a pass as well. Hell, if you ban Westboro, you’d better ban the Quran and every single Iranian Mullah and parliamentarian who supports the murder of gays in Iran.
    Only those who very clearly council violence and who have the means to deliver it should be kept out.
    By the way, the Westboro trash preach god’s punishment on homosexuals … do they preach that Christians should go out of their way to “kill” or “endanger” homosexuals?

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