Canada’s odd approach to immigration, or, currying favour

The Sunday Telegraph hammers the UK’s Labour government:

Labour’s failure to curb immigration betrays our future
So much for Gordon Brown’s famous promise of ‘British jobs for British workers.’

Yet look at what Labour, supposedly to the left of our Conservatives (just like President Obama, right?) are planning:

…Now that the economy is contracting, the impact of large-scale immigration on the poorest and least-qualified Britons is extremely serious and getting worse. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has responded by promising to institute new immigration rules for those coming to work in Britain from outside the EU. As we report today, Ms Smith insists that from April, such workers will only be allowed into Britain if they have a masters degree and can prove they already have a job in their own country which pays £20,000 or more. The Home Secretary also says she is considering banning migrants’ families from coming to Britain [emphasis added]…

As for our Conservatives, Raphael Alexander rather despairs of them:

Conservatives Celebrate Immigration Milestone
…immigration minister Jason Kenney, who only the other day was teasing about possible tightening of the gates, is openly bragging that Canada let in 519,722 newcomers here in 2008, a 1.6% increase to our population in a single year. When you consider the vast majority of immigrants go to the largest cities, those concentrated numbers bump the municipal percentages even higher…
…I’ve always advocated for targeted and sustainable immigration numbers, with an eye toward increasing during times of need, and decreasing during times of economic strife. It isn’t just irresponsible to the more than half million people who will arrive in Canada in 2009 to face obvious challenges above and beyond a contracted economy, it’s irresponsible to the citizens here who will have to pull that much harder to lift the extra weight. As you can see from the statistics, whether or not it’s a credential recognition problem, immigrants account for increased unemployment numbers in urban areas [especially in MTV – MC], and generally make less than half the income of Canadian-born citizens in their early years [more here], meaning that they are subsidized by a greater proportion of the taxpayers in the higher income brackets…

As Mr Kenney himself puts it:

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he’s been dubbed “minister for curry in a hurry” by some of his colleagues because he’s spent so much time courting new Canadians, a move he urged his Ontario cousins to follow…

Enough about the basis of our odd approach to immigration, under either the Conservatives or Liberals. Political self-interest always trumps national interest–and even the true interest of immigrants themselves.
Mark C.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s odd approach to immigration, or, currying favour

  1. Brock MacLean says:

    517,000 in 2008….my God…and they turned down my hot looking 26 year old Filipina girlfriend as we had made a simple error on her application to come and work as a nanny (wink, wink) for my mother. My dad’s family came here in 1821 from Scotland and Mom’s family arrived from England in 1860…but I can’t bring in my idea of a great looking new immigrant! Does anybody ask new immigrants if they have any good manners? Sure doesn’t seem a requirement!

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