How many beauty-queens-turned-fake-countesses-turned-Holocaust-deniers have you met?

Michele Mainwaring, aka Lady Renouf, aka “Countess Griaznoff,” is remarkably well-preserved for a woman aged 62. On the outside, anyway. What’s inside is rotten to the core:

[French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson] claims that a plaque displayed at Auschwitz in the ’70s stated that four million people had been killed there. That number has now been revised down to just over one million but the “Holocaust industry” still claims that six million Jews died, even though the plaque’s toll was out by three million, he says.
Finally we return to the Holocaust, and the great store [Renouf] places in Robert Faurisson’s nonsense about the plaques at Auschwitz. Time and again she argues that “there is a deficit now of three million people but it is called Holocaust denial if you point out that six minus three equals three, not six”.
The fact is that the figure of four million on the ’70s plaque was part of Polish communist propaganda and has nothing to do with the current consensus among historians that about six million died in the Holocaust.
Experts say up to 3.4 million were killed at the main death camps – 1.1 million to 1.3 million at Auschwitz, 875,000 at Treblinka, 600,000 at Belzec, 250,000 at each of Chelmno and Sobibor, and 100,000 at Majdanek. At least 1.5 million more were killed by mobile SS death squads in eastern Poland and the Soviet Union, while the rest were killed in various ways such as shootings in Poland and deaths in smaller camps around Europe.
Renouf listens politely but after I have cited those figures she seems not to have heard me. She just repeats that “six minus three does not equal six” then changes the topic.
Perhaps sensing my frustration in the ninth hour of our interviews, Lady Renouf becomes more direct. Her main reason for not believing “the Hollywood version” of the Holocaust, she says, is that she doubts anything said by Zionist leaders. “I loathe Judaism … and I see things through that prism.”

Damian P.

8 thoughts on “How many beauty-queens-turned-fake-countesses-turned-Holocaust-deniers have you met?

  1. John Davis says:

    “What does trying to lessen the numbers do, make it any less horrible?”
    Exactly, Sean. “Only” three million? “Only” four million? “Only” five million?
    I read an interesting point just the other day. One that I’ve never considered before. Why did not a single defendant at the Nuremberg trials ever claim that the Holocaust never happened?

  2. Ran says:

    Thing is, fewer than half of the socialists [er, national socialists] victims were actually Jewish.
    Back in the 60’s we learned that the totals were something like 10 to 14 millions of persons, 4 to 6 millions of those being Jews.
    We can thank the Socialist German Workers’ Party (National) for marvelous records keeping. I’m sure Brother Dog is be *proud* of his brethren’s efficiency.

  3. Sigivald says:

    John: Well, for most of them I imagine it was irrelevant.
    Of the four general charges against (almost) all of them, “Crimes against Humanity” was only one.
    Denying it would have done them no good. (Indeed, even if they’d denied genocidal intent, things like slave labour (Speer) or mass deportation (Seyss-Inquart), and breaking the laws of war (Jodl) would have sufficed for the noose or the prison.)
    (Take, for example, Admiral Donitz; he wasn’t charged with anything remotely to do with mass-murder, but primarily the planning of offensive war.)
    And of course, the other reason they didn’t deny it (those that were actually involved in it, at least) was that it was true – and in many cases they thought it was The Right Thing.
    To my knowledge, Goering and his ilk were *proud* of their actions – which is one reason they *deserved* a short drop over a long space.

  4. Michael Santomauro says:

    Dear Friends,
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    Founded in 2000 the publishing company Theses & Dissertations Press is at the center of a worldwide network of scholars and activists who are working — often at great personal sacrifice — to separate historical fact from propaganda fiction. The founder of Theses & Dissertations Press is Germar Rudolf. Who is currently serving prison time for his published works and will be released on July 4, 2009.
    As the new director of, I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical examination. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize an examination and understanding of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses.
    Michael Santomauro
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