Ahenakew acquitted

The right decision. Now, let’s hope we never have to hear from this diseased, embittered, Jew-hating louse ever again.

A Saskatoon judge acquitted David Ahenakew Monday on a charge of promoting hatred against Jews, but denounced comments the former aboriginal leader made in a speech and subsequent interview six years ago.
Ahenakew, the former head of the Assembly of First Nations, was charged after making inflammatory comments during a 2002 speech and interview with a journalist.
In his comments, the 75-year-old blamed Jews for the Second World War, called them a “disease” and seemed to justify the Holocaust.
However, provincial court Judge Wilfred Tucker said in his judgment that although the comments were “revolting, disgusting and untrue,” it didn’t appear to him that Ahenakew intended to promote hatred.
During the second trial, Ahenakew testified that he does not hate Jews but believes they caused the war.
“Everybody says I’m a Jew-hater,” he told court. “I don’t hate the Jews, but I hate what they do to people.”

Well, that’s settled.
You-know-who isn’t happy:

…this decision shows why referring hate cases to the criminal courts will go nowhere: because that’s where the miniscule number of hate prosecutions that actually take place almost always go – nowhere. Since the relevant Code sections came into force, about four decades ago, there have been far, far fewer prosecutions than there have been documented cases of genocide-promotion and/or clear-and-present-danger expressions of hatred. Believe it.
Which leads us, in a circuitous fashion, back to human rights tribunals. Once procedural problems associated with HRCs are fixed up – and they need to be – it is far better to deal with violence-legitimizing hateful expression in a non-criminal context, no?

Stupid courts, with their burdens of proof and rules of evidence and so-called “rights.” Why do these egghead judges always have to get in the way of the harmonious utopia that’s always just around the corner?
Damian P.

5 thoughts on “Ahenakew acquitted

  1. Fred says:

    maybe Rick Mercer will go anti-PC and do a piece on this dufus.
    A really good satirical piece, mocking him, making a fool of him, ridiculing his vile beliefs.
    C’mon CBC. . . c’mon Rick, grow a pair.

  2. rabbit says:

    Kinsella only asks which is the best way to punish such speech. He never stops to ask WHETHER such speech should be punished.

  3. djb says:

    It’s the absurd prosecution of this case that’s kept Ahenakew’s abhorrent statements in the news for FIVE YEARS.
    Catsella just doesn’t get it. Ridiculing and then ignoring bigots like Ahenakew is the proper way to deal with them. Nothing more, nothing less.

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