Preserve Mother Corpse!

Even on my dime, says chuckercanuck 2.0–sort of:

Pinch your nose and bail out the CBC
The CBC is leaking money faster than a sceptic field leaks sh— well, forget the analogy. Point is, it needs a quick cash grab from the government due to falling ad revenue.
While this will certainly earn me a few accusations of being a pinko commie, I say: give it to them.
Otherwise, you know how the story will go. Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel and Steven Page (the EX-Barenaked Lady) and the cast of Little Mosque on the Prairie will hit the airwaves with accusations that Conservatives are killing Canada’s culture. The press gallery will write tomes about how the CBC has been the bedrock of opposition against the Conservative party and that not funding the CBC is a form of censorship. Even more goofy, Quebec separatists will notch this on the famed belt of humiliation and list the demise of the Canadian broadcasting corporation as proof that Quebec needs its own country (separatists run the french side of that company).
Sure, I want desperately to say – as Kate from SDA says so well, “you don’t speak for me.” I want the CBC to know that I have never seen MY Canadian story on the public broadcaster. My Canada only gets maligned or lampooned when it does show up on the tube or over the waves. Everyone at the CBC is so much more clever and in sync with the real Canada than I am. So they tell me. I want them to know – as I have blogged over these years – that there’s more to Canada than sex and cancer; that — and Kinsella will call me a racist for this — diversity of thought is even MORE important than diversity of skin color.
But we need to play by the Kenny Rogers rules of the game: know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Fold ’em fast boys and don’t expect any “thank yous”.

Mark C.

3 thoughts on “Preserve Mother Corpse!

  1. Agent Smith says:

    Let the critics say what they want – at this point there no election to turn things on a dime. Don’t give them a cent – cut them back as a matter of fact. Let them howl and pull their hair out – that should be entertaining enough.

  2. WarrenT says:

    Give the french TV and radio network to Quebec. No charge but irrevocable covenant to never claim for subsidy from Feds.
    Sell the English networks to Fox.

  3. Rob R says:

    Kinda seems like when a guy has been pounding on you so long that his hands are sore so you go out and find a nice big stick for him

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