The next generation of bloggers (bumped)

My son posed for his very first photo earlier this month:

Yep, it’s a boy – a healthy boy, according to the ultrasound – and he’s scheduled to make his grand entrance on June 29.
My wife and I haven’t finalized a name yet, but we’re leaning strongly toward Brendan William Penny. (William is the name of my wife’s father, grandfather and brother; Brendan just sounds nice, and there’s a small island community called St. Brendan’s not far from where my father grew up.) Suggestions are nevertheless appreciated. (Sorry, Tim, but after giving it serious consideration we aren’t going with “Turbo.”)
What will this mean for the blog? Hopefully not much, but because of the obvious time constraints I may have to cut back my posting somewhat. I suspect it will be hard to resist putting up baby photos, too.
Consider yourselves warned!
Damian P.
Update: thanks so much for your good wishes. As one reader pointed out, the initials “BWP” can’t really be made into anything embarassing. So my kid has that going for him, which is nice.
Once the child is born, of course, we’re going to need diapers, baby clothes, diapers, a playpen (I refuse to call it a “play yard”), diapers, a high chair, diapers, baby books, diapers, bibs, diapers, burp cloths, diapers, toys, diapers and baby blankets, Probably some diapers, too. Just sayin’ is all…

28 thoughts on “The next generation of bloggers (bumped)

  1. jh says:

    Good looking boy there, takes after you a bit, I’d say.
    Brendan’s a good name, but Sue would toughen him up. I think Moonblood is already taken.

  2. greenmamba says:

    Well done and good luck.
    I like the BWP name. (No acronyms to cause embarrassment. I found only: Bewani airport – Papua New Guinea.)
    “Blogging will be light for a couple of years.”

  3. Joe Geoghegan says:

    I don’t expect posting to slow down. Rather, you’ll be posting one-handed at 3 a.m. while Brendan pukes on your shoulder.

  4. gaz says:

    I’ve been reading this blog every day for the last five and a half years.
    Throughout that entire time you’ve always been a very decent and level headed person, no matter what the issue was or how badly you may have been provoked.
    I can’t imagine anybody being a better father than you.
    I hope the three of you have a wonderful life together.

  5. Ken K says:

    As a father of 16 months standing, I’m guessing that your posting is gonna go down… a LOT…
    But every sacrifice you make will be more than worth it.

  6. Angie Schultz says:

    Congrats to you and your bride! I suppose you will resist the temptation to take advantage of your surname and name the lad Lucky, Copper, or Tenna. Wife’d probably put the kibosh on that anyhow. Drat the luck.

  7. Raphael says:

    Good news Damian! The very first year and the pregnancy are great and it goes by far too quickly [from a man’s point of view anyway].

  8. Hunter says:

    Congrats, your life will expand 10 fold. (Just don’t tell your lovely wife that she is expanding that fast).
    Remember, women are never so beautiful as when they are yelling at you for pickles and ice cream at 3 in the morning! HA!
    My advice as a female, she really, really, really means she wants it NOW!!!!

  9. Mike H says:

    Don’t ask me why, but I have this vision that your boy will be a precocious little bugger, very much like this little lad:

    Congratulations to you and the Mrs, Damian. Your son is a very lucky boy…

  10. Natalie Solent says:

    Congratulations – and a beautiful choice of name.
    I am sure the little lad will love all his diapers, whatever they may be. Personally, however, I think you should stick with practical requirements and stock up on some nappies.

  11. Mike Campbell says:

    Hey, Big Congrats! I’m about 3 years in and it’s bloody wonderful. Take lots of pics/vid – you won’t remember the first year. 😎

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