Damian P.
Update: this BoingBoing post discusses the characters that gave us all nightmares when we were children. (I distinctly remember completely freaking out when the Ernie mummy came to life. S.A.M. must have been before my time, because I don’t see how he wouldn’t have terrified me.)
He won’t be able to read it for a few years, but I already bought this classic for the baby.

One thought on “Ukelele!

  1. Capt. Craig says:

    If I may be so bold. I brought up my two children in (in order) Cold lake AL, North Bay ON, Great Falls MT, Halifax NS and Charlottetown PI.One has a masters in Electrical Engineering and is a navigator in the Air Force. The other is practicing family medicine.
    I kept them away from Sesame street because I believe that many wrong messages were sent,the Cookie Monster for instance and as you yourself mentioned nightmares caused by the Robot. Mr. Dressup is a winner and beat Mr. Rogers hands down. You must get the whole Pooh series and they must be read aloud. Ditto for The Child’s Garden of verse and Wind in the Willows. Under no circumstance let a copy of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales into the house. They produce nothing but nightmares especially if illustrated. The secret is to approach the teaching process from the child’s point of view not the adult’s. That is the problem with Sesame St. Remember, just because a program is popular doesn’t mean it is what your child should be exposed to. I also placed my children in French immersion and they are both completely bi-lingual. My ulterior motive was to beat the Frogs at their own game.
    My attention to the details of bring up successful children has paid off big time. My grand-children are well ahead of their peers and model junior citizens too boot. Am I bragging, you bet!

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