“This isn’t helping” department

The latest chapter from Kicking Your Own Ass in Canadian Politics:

…a defamation lawsuit is where a plaintiff claims that his reputation has been damaged. The plaintiff sues for compensation for that lost reputation. The size of the lawsuit is commensurate with the size of the plaintiff’s reputation to begin with, and the damage done to it by the words in question.
But here’s what Kinsella wrote today about everything said about him lately — my criticisms of him, his role in Adscam, his role in Catscam, his attempt to mau-mau TVO, his firing from the Canadian Jewish Congress, etc.:

It’s actually getting me business. I hope they keep it coming.

Damian P.

2 thoughts on ““This isn’t helping” department

  1. DaninVan says:

    Sounds like a WK quote for Levant to bring up at trial. “Damages? You claimed (quote)that you weren’t damaged!”…
    An updated version of “sticks and stones…”?

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