Canadian Hamas supporters

Harry’s Place links to a pro-Hamas online petition, signed by the likes of Tariq Ali and James “Zionist Power Coniguration” Petras:

On the occasion of the June 2009 European elections, we are launching an urgent appeal to all candidates for the 736 seats in the European parliament.
We ask that they actively pursue the immediate and unconditional removal of Hamas and all other Palestinian liberation organizations from the European list of proscribed terrorist organizations.
We further ask that they acknowledge the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and, by so doing, recognise, Hamas as a legitimate voice for the Palestinian people’s aspirations for national liberation.

It is not necessarily antisemitic to support the Palestinian cause. But when you’re actively endorsing a movement whose charter calls for the extermination of the Jews – not just Israel – well, I think we can draw our own conclusions. Here are the Canadian signatories, none of whom I’ve ever heard of:

Tim Louis (former Vancouver City Councillor), Ivan Drury (member of Vancouver Socialist Forum, contributing editor of Socialist Voice), Mohamed Tawfik Al-Mansouri, Ph.D. ( Writer and Researcher, Afnan Magazine Canada), Hani Barghouthy, Writer , editor-in-chief of, Canada; Robert Bibeau, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette Réalisatrice Québec, Canada

When even Mohamed Elmasry hasn’t (yet) attached his name to an “anti-Zionist” statement, you know it’s pretty extreme.
Damian P.

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