Rocco Rossi communicates

How about “know your enemy”? An e-mail just received:

Dear Liberal Friend,
With this Conservative government, old habits die hard. Stephen Harper is back on familiar ground and announcing new attack ads aimed at the Liberal Leader while the economy slips farther into recession.
At a time when Canadians are worried about their jobs, their pensions and about putting their kids through school, the Conservatives are back with their old tricks in order to divert our attention from rising unemployment rates and the highest rate of job losses on record.
This Canadian Press story highlights familiar details: “Tories drop the gloves on Ignatieff, prepare attack ads”
This demands a response. Help us send a message that these blatant partisan attacks have no place in our government at a time of economic crisis. Canadians deserve better.
Your support is crucial. Please give what you can—every dollar counts.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
Rocco Rossi
National Director, Liberal Party of Canada

Mark C.

9 thoughts on “Rocco Rossi communicates

  1. Rob C says:

    I would think that the “Conservative Party” spending Conservative Party Money to buy ad space is doing there part to stimulate the media’s economy.

  2. FredR says:

    It’s actually smart advertising for them: there’s nothing progressives like as much as a victim, and now the Liberals get to paint themselves as the victim-du-jour – even before the enemy has attacked!
    The irony of their stance is obviously lost on them.

  3. Right on the Left Coast says:

    Here is what I replied to mr. Rossi with when I received the email..
    to be fair, I have not yet seen an ad or heard one and to my knowledge, there aren’t any. The CP story is about what a party is doing, not what the government is doing. Canadians are not as simple as you appear to take them to be. We Canadians are well aware that Party and Government are separate entities (except in those cases wher the Liberal Party of Canada Does not want to comment). In fact, this email is, in itself, a “blatant partisan attack(s)” that ” has(ave) no place in our government at a time of economic crisis. Canadians deserve better.”

  4. Anne in sw ON says:

    Isn’t Rocco Rossi disingenuous at best or lying at worst when he says in his email “Stephen Harper is back on familiar ground and announcing new attack ads aimed at the Liberal Leader”? The rumour (that’s all it is) that attack ads are being prepared has been attributed to unnamed conservative sources in all of the news reports that I’ve read.

  5. DaninVan says:

    I certainly hope that’s all the rumors are, just rumors.
    I want to hear positive news from Harper and the PMO; Lord knows the Tory MPs won’t be making pronouncements.
    (I just received my latest missive from Sen. Gerstein…)

  6. Linda Cooper says:

    Perhaps the Liberal party could go back to all those famous Liberals who stole money from the Canadian taxpayer and ask them for some of it back now. King Iggy has a whole range of attack ads that could be used against him – samples would be conceit, arrogance, egotistical, self-important, swell-headed and uppity would be a few. Or perhaps his record for being a true family man – oh sorry that’s right – he dumped his wife and kids didn’t he to improve his career.

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