Pakistani conspiracy theories run wild

This is really nuts:

Pakistan blames India for Lahore ‘cricket terror plot’
Pakistan risks fresh confrontation with its nuclear rival after accusing India of plotting the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team.
According to senior officials in Islamabad, Pakistan’s most senior interior ministry official, Rehman Malik, “shared” the assessment of the country’s ISI intelligence agency with the FBI director Robert Mueller, who was visiting the country.
Pakistani officials claim that their Indian counterparts organised the attack in a plot to isolate Pakistan and exclude it as a joint host for the 2011 Cricket World Cup.
According to sources close to Mr Malik, “he shared the initial report of the intelligence agencies and advised the FBI team that the report points the finger at India”.
Without mentioning India, Mr Malik said: “We suspect a foreign hand behind this incident. The democracy of the country has been undermined, and foreigners are repeatedly attacked to harm the country’s image.”…

While earlier ordinary Pakistanis were thinking their own government was behind the attacks–see end of this post. What must Mr Mueller think. Crazy, man, crazy.
Mark C.

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