What’s really wrong with GM and Chrysler

From Consumer Reports, April 2009 (these details not online):
Automaker report cards (p.15)
Top three:
Honda 78
Subaru 75
Toyota 74
Bottom two:
General Motors 57
Chrysler 48
Ford scored 63, just ahead of Suzuki–third last–at 60.
Ratings (bottom of each category)
Subcompact sedans (p. 27)
Chevrolet Aveo LT
Small Sedans
Chevrolet Cobalt LT
Entry-level family sedans (p. 28)
Pontiac G6 (base, 4-cyl.)
Chrysler Sebring (Touring, 4-cyl.)
Family sedans (p. 28)
Chevrolet Impala 3LT (3.9)
Dodge Charger SXT (V6)
Pontiac G6 GT (V6)
Buick LaCrosse (aka Allure) CXL
Dodge Avenger R/T (3.5 V6)
Minivans (p. 33)
Chrysler Town & Country Limited (4.0)
Dodge Grand Caravan SXT (3.8)
As for Ford:

Among domestic automakers, Ford continues to improve in reliability, and some of its cars now rival the best from Japan. Some newer or freshened models, such as the Ford Flex and F-150, also rank in the top of their class in our testing, though other Ford models are merely competent, not outstanding.

More on GM and Chrysler:

There is some good news: New models from GM now rank among the best in our testing, although overall reliability, even among some of the new models, still lags behind most of the competition. GM models that score well in our tests include the Buick Enclave, Cadillac CTS, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, Pontiac G8, and Saturn Outlook [bye bye].
Chrysler is at the bottom of the class, with a drop in its overall score and average reliability rating. Most models from the manufacturer have noisy, inefficient, unrefined powertrains; subpar interiors; and poor visibility. Chrysler is the only automaker with no models on our Recommended list. But the redesigned and much improved Dodge Ram pickup offers a glimmer of hope. Our tests show it now competes well with the best full-sized pickups.

Don’t politicians and “general” reporters do any even mild research reading on hot subjects? I mean, CR ain’t exactly obscure.
And a nasty blow under all the above circumstances: just saw a Suzuki commercial that said “from a company that will still be around when you need them.” Ouch.
Mark C.

One thought on “What’s really wrong with GM and Chrysler

  1. John B says:

    I came upon this little gem today in a CAA magazine (courtesy of Dennis DesRosiers). Canada’s top selling cars over the past twenty years:
    Ford Tempo
    Chevrolet Cavalier
    Honda Civic
    Mercury Topaz (same as Tempo)
    Honda Accord
    Chevrolet Cavalier
    Pontiac Sunfire (same as Cavalier)
    Toyota Corolla
    Honda Civic
    Ford Taurus
    Honda Civic
    Toyota Corolla
    Toyota Yaris
    Chevrolet Cobalt
    Just picture the combination of Tempo/Topaz and Sunfire/Cabalier taking on Honda and Toyota

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