Batting one thousand

Raphael Alexander considers the further deconstructing of Khaled Mouammar’s lengthy service on the Immigration and Refugee Board:

…John Ivison has another article indicating that the federal government should review previous rulings of Mr.Mouammer during his tenure as an immigration and refugee board judge, since these decisions were entirely discretionary, and further scrutiny has revealed a serious conflict of interests in the disproportionate number of accepted Arab applications for refugee status:

The government is being urged to re-examine all refugee cases heard by Khaled Mouammar, the current president of the Canadian Arab Federation, following the revelation that his acceptance rates were nearly twice the national average during a decade-long stint on the Immigration and Refugee Board.
Mr. Mouammar, an outspoken supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, recorded an acceptance rate of 100% when it came to refugees from North Africa and the Middle East during his time with the IRB between 1995 and 2005, according to statistics obtained by the National Post…

Mark C.

One thought on “Batting one thousand

  1. fernstalbert says:

    I’m no mathematician but that’s an astonishing approval rate! Conspiracy theories anyone? Just finished watching Numbers (tv program about math and crime), it was about a math calculation that is used to select random juries. How are immigration boards picked – who’s watching the watchers?

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