Being British, for what it’s worth

Just seventy-five years ago many Canadians considered their country to be British:

Democracy’s ideal has nowhere been fully realized. For such an advance toward it as has been made the world must thank largely the British genius and temper; and British genius and temper may be trusted to hold and consolidate its hard-won gains.
The challenge of the European anarchs is a challenge to British peoples everywhere to take the measure of their Imperial responsibilities in the political field as they have done already in some degree in the economic.

What are the great Canadian buzzwords today? Diverse. Inclusive. Sounds like the British Commonwealth–not the Empire–of the 1930s. A broad community of countries sharing a common feeling of identity (for most people), yet with legal independence for members, and based on history and many shared values. Surely a progressive notion. Sad that the broader “British” identity is increasingly defunct.
Canadian passports until 1977 stated that “A Canadian citizen is a British subject.” Sigh.
Mark C.

3 thoughts on “Being British, for what it’s worth

  1. Dwayne says:

    Just another wonderful legacy of Trudeau. He must have hated the British crown as he dismantled all things related to the crown in Canada. No more RCAF, RCN etc. He didn’t go as far as claiming Canada a republic, I guess he recognized the amount of power the Prime Minister wields in a Parliamentary Democracy.

  2. Thomas Jackson says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to be the heirs of the traditions of Mohammad and the cultural policies of those progressives at the politburo? Canada whose national identity is about as firmly etched as Bermuda can proclaim its glorious future while marching to the drumbeats of a multitude of glorious third worlders!
    Just like Seattle.

  3. David says:

    Unification of the Armed Forces began under Pearson in 1964, prior to Trudeau even being elected an MP. It was complete under Pearson in February, 1968, prior to Trudeau becoming PM.

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