Everybody must get stoned

…especially when they’re pro-Hamas useful idiots:

A humanitarian convoy led by maverick MP George Galloway carrying medical supplies for Gaza has come under attack in Egypt.
The convoy, carrying aid worth £1 million, was pelted with stones and vandalised after it stopped in El-Arish, a small town around 28 miles from the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.
“It’s an absolute disgrace,” convoy organiser Yvonne Ridley told AFP. “The power was cut. Under cover of darkness members of our convoy were attacked with stones.
“Vandals also wrote dirty words and anti-Hamas slogans,” she said. “Several people in the convoy were injured in the attack.”

But they’re only trying to bring food and supplies to the suffering masses of Gaza, right? Well, not exactly…

In early February, it was alleged that three Islamist terror suspects arrested in northwest England had planned to leave the country under cover of Mr Galloway’s convoy. Intelligence sources said that the men were planning a terrorist operation abroad.

Damian P.

6 thoughts on “Everybody must get stoned

  1. j says:

    “The attack comes weeks after Mr Galloway, of the Respect party, described Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak as a “tyrant” and “criminal” and demanded that he be overthrown by his country’s armed forces.”
    Who’s to blame for Gorgeous George’s treatment? Wait for it….. ZIONISTS!

  2. Mark Collins says:

    Further to j’s link to Rabble.ca–this is one hell of a misidentification in this Globe and Mail story:
    ‘”This is not a gimmick; it’s a strategy,” Kim Elliott, Toronto publisher of the independent news website http://www.rabble.ca, said in a phone interview from her hotel in Gaza City. “It’s for [us] to see what it’s really like and make the personal connection and go back to [our] homes to talk about it.”‘

  3. John B says:

    “It’s an absolute disgrace,” convoy organiser Yvonne Ridley told AFP.”
    Yvonne Ridley, why am I not surprised. What a pair, Yvonne and George.

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