Guess who supports a Tory?

Vice President Biden, that’s who:

…Biden may also be able to prevent two lingering problems from blowing up into showstoppers at Obama’s debut on the NATO stage, the April 3-4 summit in Strasbourg.
The first involves achieving agreement on a new secretary general to take charge of the organization this summer. Washington would reward Canada for its valiant combat performance in Afghanistan by putting Defense Minister Peter MacKay in the job…

Chuckercanuck cries “Quelle scandale!”

If anything would give our homegrown lefties fits and froth, it would be Peter MacKay becoming NATO Secretary General. Imagine, Canada’s first secretary general of NATO coming from the barbarian hordes of Toryism where the only subtle distinctions we ever draw are between the electric chair and the gas chamber. Imagine the outrageous suggestion that such a distinction go to a non-Liberal? Scandal!
What compounds this horror is the notion that the man from Hope and Change actually wants MacKay in that position…

But it’s not very likely to happen– ten new suits tell the tale.
Mark C.
Update: Many Canadians can hold back the froth, at least for a while:

U.S. Undecided About Its Vote for NATO Top Job

4 thoughts on “Guess who supports a Tory?

  1. ian says:

    Maybe if the Yanks hadn’t snubbed the British PM they might have had a bit more clout or maybe it is all window dressing by our neighbors to the SoSouth

  2. CastorRouge says:

    Maybe Biden’s just trying to free up Central Nova for Elizabeth May. She does have a lot of ties with the U.S. East Coast Dem. establishment.

  3. Jim Whyte says:

    Oh, great. Just what we need: another half-assed Wet Tory bleating about peace and love from the that sink of iniquity at Turtle Bay.
    We shouldn’t supply a Secretary-General. We should assign an underemployed Fourth Secretary at the NYC consulate-general to be Charge-d’Affaires at the UN in his spare time.

  4. j says:

    On another note, wisdom from Scotty….
    “Personally, I think MacKay is too young and inexperienced for such a responsible post, and since Canada is a perennial lightweight within the alliance and a current lapdog to U.S. interests, I do not foresee our European allies agreeing to his appointment as NATO secretary general.”

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