14 thoughts on “Liberal strategist now randomly choosing names from the phone book and suing them

  1. Fred says:

    First and last rule for all political operatives is to never, never, ever become The Story.
    So Warren has been goaded into a situation and his risen to the bait.
    What a dufus.

  2. mahmood says:

    Liberal strategist’s strategy?…I’m gonna sue you, you and you too…brilliant strategy, whatever they’re paying the strategizer Kinsella, it’s not enough.

  3. Steve - BC says:

    Isn’t unsavory an opinion? It’s not something with a specific definition you can prove or disprove in court…is it? He admits the Conservatives are allowed to say what they want in the HoC…
    So, and correct me if I’m wrong because I’m clearly not a lawyer, but doesn’t this put the onus on the Conservatives to basically prove Kinsella ‘stretched the truth’ once? It doesn’t seem like the kind of lawsuit I’d be scared of..

  4. Peter says:

    “Kinsella’s Toronto-based lawyer, Brian Shiller, accused the Conservative party and Paradis of “egregious conduct.” ”
    Oooo…man, that hurts. I just want to go out into the backyard and die when somebody accuses me of egregious conduct.

  5. bettie says:

    Warren reminds me of Garth… half-truths, spins, anger. I hope he soon becomes like Garth in his demise as well.

  6. Dave Ruddell says:

    I wonder if we’ll see a press release soon wherein WK claims that “he doesn’t want to be a distraction”?

  7. DaninVan says:

    I can’t help but wonder where all the bright minds at the LPC have gone.
    Isn’t anybody steering that particular ship? If this is a sample of Ignat’s leadership, man are they in trouble.
    This probably isn’t up to date http://www.liberal.ca/executive_e.aspx
    but wouldn’t Party discipline (within the membership, not the MPs and Senators)) be the responsibility of the President?

  8. TangoJuliette says:

    So – what’ve we got here? Riddle me a riddle.
    Who are the two lucky clowns (a.k.a. failures) that are going to have santa visit again before next Christmas? A couple of long over-due debts [long over-due thanks to the generous repeat extensions ‘au grace’ our pals at Elections Canada].
    The long standing debts from their respective runs for the Head Honcho post of the librano family will be getting paid off, soon. Well, almost all of the debt, apparently, but not quite everything.
    Our mystery beneficiaries are non other than the chap who actually won the Head Honcho post, way back when. This time ‘round, however, the new Head Honcho post has been won, actually more like usurped, by the guy who lost the contest before, when last contested.
    So – two PhD-grade, former high ranking profs at top table universities, are now effectively ‘on the dole,’ waiting for that stimulating bail-out, compliments of their small but close and somewhat overlapping circle of friends.
    Winner number one – c’mon down! Stepped-On DeYawn, having been once shoved, has virtually vanished from the face of the earth. Almost as if his leather back-pack had risen from the dead and ate him all up. One ex-honcho.
    Winner number two – let’s make a deal! The other Doc, that George W Lite feller, not quite account Mickey “Get Down and Jiggie Wid Da” Iggie, will also be given a fiscal reprieve, with a little help from his friends. Looks like that there warrin’ dimfella ain’t gonna havta be shaking that tine cup and organizing tag-days for his boss (who doesn’t [can’t?] pay warrin’, which is probably why – wink-wink, nudge-nudge, warrin’ dimfella is ‘altruistically volunteering,’ for the power grabbin’ neoHoncho, Perhaps for some future considerations? Maybe? Whaddaya think? Waddayua say?Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. And please take careful note at this juncture. We are not even remotely hinting at anything to do with plump brown envelopes left behind on restaurant banquettes. Okay? Are we clear?
    It is reported that at the (3 – 4 months late) upcoming LPC Vancouver based convention of one kind or another there should be all sorts of new-age crystal-driven healings, celebrations of various sorts, and a whole lot of slanted, free MSM coverage.
    Key events scheduled will include the WakeParty & Boffo Bash Celebration for That Quick Vanishing Cunning Linguist, Stepped-On DeYawn! This promises to be a truly edifying congregation of the best of the worst of the college of the conniving. A howling, yowling good time is expected to be had by all.
    The highlight of the gathering will be yet another public humiliation of a badly bruised and mortally wounded psyche, when, before a live audience and broadcast live nation-wide on all national television networks, the bandages, dressings and old scabs finally get ripped from the already flayed and quartered soul of fast fading basket case, Stepped-On DeYawn . I gotta admit. . . he’s a better man than I, and a better man than most I know, for his staying on the battlefield. Just how cruel can his associates get??
    As well, scarce ducats are in panicky demand, for the Coronation and Ascension of the Saviour of Us All, that George W Lite feller, not quite account Mickey “Get Down and Jiggie Wid Da” Iggie.
    Sadly, the forecast is calling for a truth-front chill. It is expected that not one of Canada’s attending Princes and Princesses of the Kingdom of Punditocracy, or any of the various remote talking heads from the The LPC Warroom-fed Central Canadian Commentariat of Propogandization, will have the ‘nads to ask a few simple questions.
    LIKE: The Liberals claim to be the party of the people of Canada. They seem to win often enough. Why is it then, that the Liberals, while out of office, don’t seem to be able to produce two dimes to rub together?
    How is it that whenever the Liberals are in government they appear to have cash shooting out of their collective wahzoos? What the hell’s that all about?
    Gotta get gone. They’re starting to form a queue at the nurse’s station. Afternoon meds, dontcha know! But before I shuffle off to Thorazineville, one last thot. Something about “…qoute the barr’ster, nothing more.
    “It’s a concerted campaign . . . by you know who . . .to target and defame and destroy the reputation of a private citizen who is a volunteer for the Liberal party and nothing more,” he said.
    Sure sound to me like a load of slaps upside the head, ‘cause he is what he is – and nothing more!
    “ . . ah . . . nurse Catchitt. . .one moment, please. . . “
    t.e.& o.e.

  9. TangoJuliette says:

    And *these* yutze are the ones that want to get their hands on the national vault$ ?
    Heaven help us all.
    t.e. & o.e.

  10. TangoJuliette says:

    Oy Vey is me. Such a klutz in my old age. Thanks for spotting the typo. Bad proofing at this end.
    In trying to label the libranoids, I had been contemplating Yutz, Yutzes, Yutzniks, Putzes, Schnoors or Schmucks. Seems I got none of ’em.
    As for that last one on my list, das Schmuks, I deemed it to be too offensive and incendiary to all real Schmucks, mine especially.
    thanks again, cheers –
    t.e.& o.e.

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