Another tragedy off the Newfoundland coast

1 dead, 16 missing in a helicopter crash:

Two life-rafts found near where a helicopter carrying offshore oil workers crashed into the Atlantic Ocean were empty, a search and rescue official said Thursday.
One man, Robert Decker, was recovered alive from where a Cougar Helicopters chopper went down with 18 people aboard Thursday, after issuing a mayday and an alert about technical problems at about 9:18 NT, or 7:48 a.m. ET.
Searchers, however, brought back one dead person to St. John’s. No details were released on that person.
Decker was listed in critical condition in hospital in St. John’s.
Lt. David Bowen, a Halifax-based official with military search and rescue, said two life-rafts were located, but no one was aboard.

I’m hoping and praying that the news doesn’t get worse, but things aren’t sounding good at this point.
Damian P.

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