G20: Canada in second division

Our poor amour propre! Quelle humiliation! Oh well, the Brits never do take us very seriously anyway; nonetheless I think a significant indicator of Canada’s perceived international economic standing (via Norman’s Spectator):

Finance ministers of Australia, Russia and Canada arrive in Britain on Friday for talks on saving the global economy – presumably unaware that the Foreign Office has secretly relegated their countries to an unofficial G20 second division.
A confidential paper obtained by the Financial Times reveals how Britain’s G20 lobbying efforts ahead of next month’s summit have been targeted at “11 high-priority states” – an intriguing snapshot of how the Foreign Office sees the world.
The paper may not make pleasant reading for the “B-list” finance ministers whose countries have not merited “intensive diplomatic lobbying and engagement” ahead of the summit in London.
Those states consigned to “Tier 2” by the British government include Australia – a country that does not relish being patronised by “poms” – and Russia, which already enjoys strained relations with London.
The other G20 countries ranked by the Foreign Office in the second division are Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey.
Those placed in the first division are the US, Japan, France and Germany, which are described as “key” G8 countries. Italy makes it on to this list by default on the basis that it is the “next G8 president”.
China and India are included, as is South Africa, South Korea (the next chair of the G20 after Britain), Brazil and Saudi Arabia. The European Commission, representing the EU as a G20 member, is also included…

Just as an aside, how seriously do Québec separatists think their new country would be taken internationally?
Mark C.
Update: Well we would, wouldn’t we?

Canada shrugs off British G20 brush-off

10 thoughts on “G20: Canada in second division

  1. Phil says:

    Canada’s GDP is greater than Saudi Arabia and South Korea. It’s almost as large as Italy and Brazil. And it’s only half the size of India’s GDP. Yet Canada got excluded? But then again has the unelected one-eyed Scottish idiot Gordo Clown as Prime Minister.

  2. DaveCF says:

    I don’t see it as a sleight – “merited intensive diplomatic lobbying and engagement”” indicates that we don’t need special scrutiny as our economy is healthy and well-managed. So, we’re not really in the ‘second tier’, we’re just not in bad enough shape to warrant external meddling. That’s a plus!

  3. bettie says:

    If one were to read the whole article, it would be noted that the British said this was not official, but rather a document put forward by a junior official, and was not accepted. I like this better!!

  4. John B says:

    Re: “Finance ministers of Australia, Russia and Canada arrive in Britain on Friday for talks on saving the global economy ..”
    It’s not as if Canada has anything to offer the rest of the G20 when it comes to banking. Well, then again:
    “CANBERRA (Reuters) – Canada has the world’s soundest banking system, closely followed by Sweden, Luxembourg and Australia, a survey by the World Economic Forum has found as financial crisis and bank failures shake world markets.”
    “But Britain, which once ranked in the top five, has slipped to 44th place behind El Salvador and Peru, after a 50 billion pound ($86.5 billion) pledge this week by the government to bolster bank balance sheets.”
    Apparently dreams of the British Empire still remain in London. Too bad, so sad.

  5. John B says:

    From the above article:
    “UK banks collectively scored 6.0, narrowly behind the United States, Germany and Botswana,”
    Botswana!!! Rule Britannia!!

  6. Fred says:

    Gordo is peeved because Obama blew him off when he visited Washington but he gave a joint press conference with PMSH when he was in Ottawa.
    Next time the Germans decide to kick the crap out of France and England, I say we don’t go over and bail their smarmy asses out of the fire.
    They clearly don’t appreciate the efforts form the last two times.

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