Traitors in their midst–and ours?

Con Coughlin is angry at the UK government’s soft-peddling what British Islamists are up to:

Britain is fighting a war – and we are too soft on our enemies
Too little action is being taken by the authorities against hostile Muslims…
It’s not just soldiers who win wars. Governments also have a crucial role to play – and to judge by the response of most Western governments to the threat we face from radical Islamism, we are simply not competing on equal terms with the enemy.
No one can claim that we in Britain don’t understand the nature of the threat we face. In recent months, there has been a succession of reports highlighting the increasingly pernicious influence British Islamists are having on the Nato-led campaign to bring stability to Afghanistan.
After senior officers confirmed last year that British Muslims were fighting with the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, it was revealed that RAF Nimrod surveillance planes monitoring Taliban radio stations were surprised to hear insurgents speaking in strong Yorkshire or Midlands accents.
More recently, officers based at the main military base at Lashkar Gah revealed that they had found British-made components in roadside bombs used to attack coalition forces in southern Afghanistan, sent to Helmand by Muslim sympathisers in Britain. This week three British Muslims, part of a terrorist cell whose leader was convicted of plotting to kidnap and behead a British soldier on video, were jailed at the Old Bailey for supplying equipment to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.
The active involvement of radical British Muslims in the Afghan insurgency has led senior officers to claim that they are engaged in a “surreal mini-civil war” in Afghanistan. And yet, for all the compelling evidence that British-based Islamist radicals are actively participating in a jihad against Britain and its coalition allies, the Government, together with those who have opposed our involvement in the War on Terror from the start, seems determined to give the Islamist radicals the benefit of the doubt.
Even when incontrovertible proof is found that British Muslims are aiding and abetting the enemy in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Government’s instinct is to try to cover up their involvement, for fear of further inflaming Islamist sensitivities.
…to judge by the disgraceful reception given this week by Muslim demonstrators to members of 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, as they paraded through the centre of Luton, the Islamists are receiving all the encouragement they need, not least in the form of the virulently anti-Western sermons delivered over the internet by the Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was banished from Britain in 2005 following the July 7 attacks in London. He has made his approval of the protesters’ actions known, claiming “my brothers from Luton were protesting against people they see as killers of Muslims”.
Nor should we be surprised that the only action taken by Bedfordshire police has been to arrest those who were incensed by the Islamists’ taunts of “criminals” and “terrorists”, aimed at the returning soldiers. The authorities’ response in Luton is symptomatic of the perverse attitude that seems to have become Britain’s default position when confronted by difficult Islamist issues…

And this sure is reassuring:

Jalal Ahmed brandished a sign saying ‘Anglian soldiers: Butchers of Basra’ at the welcome parade for the Royal Anglian Regiment in his home town of Luton earlier this week.
His part in the protest yesterday saw him lose his airside pass at Luton Airport, where he worked as a baggage handler on a part-time basis. His duties involve loading luggage onto conveyor belts into aircraft holds…

Back in Canada, I wonder why Momin Khawaja was not charged with high treason:

Khawaja’s personal goal, according to the defence scenario, was to become a front-line Islamic soldier in the war against western forces in Afghanistan [that includes Canadians, people], and he thought the detonator – dubbed the Hi-Fi Digimonster – would be used there…

This also is sure reassuring, in a bleeding heart story from the Ottawa Citizen:

‘I was hoping we could bring him home,’ mother says
Over time, Azra, 56 [Khawaja, Momin’s mother], said the neighbours offered words of comfort and the Muslim community gave unwavering support through her family’s ordeal…

More reassurance–such a nice family:

[Ontario Superior Court Justice Douglas] Rutherford also chastised Khawaja’s parents, who submitted written statements before sentencing that painted “a normal family situation,” the judge said. “There was no mention of the array of military style rifles, the crates of ammunition, the other weapons, the projectile-pocked human target on the basement wall (of the family’s Orléans home) … It is impossible to think that the other members of the family were oblivious to Momin’s preoccupation with and proclivity to participate in violent jihad.”..

This Globe and Mail editorial gets it right:

Lack of remorse called for life term

Meanwhile, freedom of religion and of expression must of course be protected in Canada.
Mark C.
Update: From Michael Coren in the Sun papers:

An enemy within?
Powerful Islamic groups detest the countries they call home

2 thoughts on “Traitors in their midst–and ours?

  1. John B says:

    Re: “who submitted written statements before sentencing that painted “a normal family situation,” the judge said. “There was no mention of the array of military style rifles, the crates of ammunition, the other weapons, the projectile-pocked human target on the basement wall (of the family’s Orléans home)”
    Well, maybe it was a normal family situation – for their family (and the Khadr’s)

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