Bodies found

The Cougar helicopter which crashed off the coast of Newfoundland has been located, with ten to thirteen of the deceased inside:

The TSB has confirmed that they have located at least some of the victims from Thursday’s Cougar helicopter crash. The TSB says they estimate 10-13 bodies are inside the downed chopper. One of which has already been recovered, and is on board the Osprey.

Most of the victims – primarily Newfoundlanders, but also two British Columbians and a Nova Scotian – are listed here. As horrible as this must be for their families, it would be even worse if their loved ones were never found again.
My brother, who lives in St. John’s, e-mailed to tell me how this is affecting everyone back home:

I find it amazing that Newfoundlanders all over the world are gripped by this story. It’s such a small-scale crash relatively speaking, and yet it’s on everybody’s tougue and mind. It’s like one massive extended family.

Damian P.

2 thoughts on “Bodies found

  1. Frances says:

    It’s not just Newfoundlanders who are affected. Anyone with experience in exploration knows friends and co-workers who have gone down in helicopters and small planes. Some, thankfully, survived; more did not. Tragedies such as this bring back the memories. I’m not the only Westerner whose thoughts and prayers are with the families of these workers.

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