Alas, Mr Harper …

…we barely knew ye. What about Maréchal Pétain (though I doubt the prime minister could make the connection)?
Le maréchal stood for:

Travail, famille, patrie

No more liberté.
While the prime minister’s

…version of conservatism is summed up “in three Fs: freedom, family and faith.”
He said individual freedom is vital but it must be tempered by family and faith.

Words with which the maréchal would have been most happy. At least Mr Harper did mention “freedom”. Now I know the prime minister is no authoritarian happy to dispense with elective parliamentary democracy. Still, I wish he knew more about how his words might sound in an historical context. More reaction at The Shotgun Blog.
One supposes that Mr Harper, being a Toronto lad by origin, thinks of 3-Fs instead of 4-Hs:

And oh yes, one more thing. I would have to recite my 4-H pledge because it really says it all:
I Pledge my Head to Clearer Thinking, My Heart to Greater Loyalty, My Hands to Larger Service, My Health to Better Living, For my Club, My Community, and My Country.

It’s the “Clearer Thinking” I miss especially, what with the political triangulation or whatever.
Mark C.

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