Somewhere, an old Barney doll is being pulled from a drawer

This whole “theory of evolution” thing is still open to debate, according to the federal Minister of State for Science and Technology. (In other news, Canada has a “Minster of State for Science and Technology.”)
Damian P.
Update: Jon Kay, and some of my readers, say Goodyear is being unfairly targeted because of his Christian faith. Dan Gardner responds that it’s Goodyear who made this a religious issue:

Imagine a minister of women’s equality who may not believe in women’s equality. A minister of industry who may prefer industry didn’t exist. A minister of health who may think HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. A minister of the environment who may not accept that anthropogenic climate change is happening. (That last one isn’t such a stretch.)
I doubt we would say, hey, whatever. As long as your actions and policies don’t match the kooky beliefs you may or may not be harbouring, it’s none of our business. And I really doubt we’d say that if the actions and policies in question were as sketchy as the Harper government’s have been on science.
And we’d be right not to let it slide. This isn’t a mere personal belief. It is a personal belief that goes right to the core of the job which the minister is supposed to do.
And let’s be precise here. No one quizzed the minister about his religious beliefs. He was asked if he accepted that evolution is the scientific fact it absolutely is.
It was the minister who set up evolution and religion as antagonists — which they are not, according to most scientists, most churches, and most theologians — and then protested being quizzed about his faith.

Rob Breakenridge agrees:

…First of all, nobody is asking him about his religion – one only need to look at scientists like Dennis Lameroux or Kenneth Miller to see what a non sequitor that is (or simply phone up the Vatican). Accepting science does not mean rejecting religion, but people like Gary Goodyear are sending the message that it has to be one or the other. How profoundly disappointing.
Secondly, why is this man in the Science and Technology portfolio? Is there no one else in the caucus who might fill that position?
Thirdly, this is not only embarrassing for the Conservatives, it’s potentially quite damaging politically. The Liberals had great success in the 2000 election targetting then-Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day along similar lines – I’m sure they’d like nothing more than to be able to portray the Conservatives as a bunch of religious fanatics who believe the Earth is 10,000 years old and that man walked with dinosaurs (or rode them).
Mr. Goodyear is certainly entitled to believe whatever he wants to believe, but it’s clear that he does not belong in his current portfolio. If the Conservatives do not want to be painted as anti-science fundamentalists, they will nip this in the bud.

Yes, this country was once governed quite ably by a fellow who regularly held major policy discussions with his dead mom. And if Goodyear was the Minister of Transport or National Revenue or something, I don’t think his (presumed) creationism would be a problem.
For a cabinet minister directly responsible for science, however, it’s a very big problem.

7 thoughts on “Somewhere, an old Barney doll is being pulled from a drawer

  1. Crazy Mamma says:

    This is fascinating, church and state are to be seperate until one wants to discredit someone, then asking questions to open a wedge in an interview to mock someone about his religion are acceptable.
    Hypocrites much?

  2. Blame Crash says:

    Re : “Somewhere, an old Barney doll is being pulled from a drawer”
    Well, why not Damian.
    After all, this character assassination technique worked on you.
    So why not give her another go.
    What’s that saying? “theirs one born every minute”

  3. Roger says:

    I wonder if the G&M would have the guts to attack a Muslim in the same Job and mock them for believing that Muhammed was devine and pure and that God created all things. Muslim don’t believe that Jesus died and then returned to life to be later on drawn up in heaven to be with god,Imams claim this is silly and a big lie because Muhammed was a true prophet of god and when he died he came back to life and rode a winged-Horse up to the heavens to be with god.
    Like than makes more sense and is believable that people saw him jump on a horse and fly away to paradise.
    Foreget the Muhammed cartoon thing, imagine the
    riots and torched cars in canadian Cities if Muslims were attacked for their faith.
    Sadly though, Muslims aren’t attacked by the CBC or leftists media outlets because they presuppose that islam is violent and that Muslims will riot and kill merely from any slight to Muhammed or the Quran.
    So who’s the bigot now?
    Christians are an easy target because they don’t respond in violence or mass murdering of non-Christians as a favour to Christ, Christian have far more pity on the ignorant and cruel who get their power by bashing people in public just to fell better about how superior they are as an enlightened elite smug Canadian.
    Lets see what happens at the new Africentric School in Toronto because as a Public school they will teach these African kids that they came from monkeys and apes.
    Amazing how another group of smug elite White-folks know what’s best for “Dem black fokes” who would be happier with theirown kind ( code language for keeping them Negroes out of their White neighbourhoods)and should have a special area for them to be segragated from the white-folks.
    People still believe that the Oil comes from dead Dinosaurs and tress as a fossil fuel, meanwhile it has been proven to be a big lie because Oil was found as deep as 10’000 feet below the Ocean floor and just last July NASA reported that Pictures from the Moon Titan had showed massive Oil-Pools on the surface.
    So either Dinosaurs built space ships to fly to Titan for a mass suicide on the surface similar to the Alberta tar sands along with swimming to Saudi Ararbia to burrow under the deserts for a mass-suicde , or the crude Oil has always been Abiotic and created by the Earth inner hot core and pushed up to the surface.
    It can’t be both, and if you want to believe you came from Apes then go right ahead because even apes had to have been crated from something .
    A simple cake still needs someone to mix the items and then let the hot oven creat the final product from exposure to the heat over a long time.

  4. Mark Byron says:

    How would being a evolution-mugwump affect his job as Science minister? Will he turn down funding for biology-related research because it doesn’t mesh with Genesis 1-3?
    Most thinking creationists (and there are quite a few) are more than willing to accept the microevolution that we see in bacteria self-selecting via drug resistance. It’s the species-to-species macroevolution that folks in that camp will find hard to swallow.
    However, there is no sign that the Tories are going to short-change biology research, at least none that I can see.

  5. Dara says:

    If you had taken the time to learn something about organic chemistry you would recognize that hydrocarbons, some of which we call oil, can be achieved by a number of processes.
    On Earth, the most prevalent process is the decay of organisms. On Titan, where any organism that we know of would immediately freeze, hydrocarbons get put together in different ways. For instance, not only does it have lakes of hydrocarbons, they also have a climate system that involves clouds of ethane and methane.
    Now these hydrocarbon lakes are not what we would consider “oil”. Our thick crude would likely be practically solid in Titan’s cold atmosphere. Instead these lakes are suspected to be mostly liquid methane, which can not really exist in Earth’s warm climate.
    As we find out more about Titan, somebody will indubitably come up with a solid theory for the formation of methane. It will not be space dinosaurs.
    There are many possible mechanisms and there is the potential for the discovery of new mechanisms made possible by Titan’s alien landscape. These are accessible through studying the science that generations of people have taken the time to put together and make available to anyone who is curious.
    They also took the time to explain evolution, but those who don’t want to know, don’t.
    As far as Canada’s government, we used to have an Industry Minister who knew nothing about IT, now we have a Science Minister who has his head buried in 3400 year old sand. Who elected these assholes?

  6. The Invisible Hand says:

    I’m sorry, could you point out to me where Goodyear said that evolution “is still open to debate”, Damian? Because I sure can’t find that statement…

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