Mazda3 best selling car in Canada—GM? Chrysler?

Now this really is a way to differentiate ourselves from the Yanks. David Akins blogs:

Auto analyst Dennis Desrosiers is out with his list of best-selling passenger vehicles in Canada for February, 2009. As always, small cars dominate the list. In fact, I think the top 10 is nothing but small cars. Is the Dodge Caliber (No. 8) a small car or a midsize [small – MC]? But perennial list-topper the Honda Civic has now dropped all the way to number 3. That’s a bit of a shock.
Here’s Desrosiers top five selling cars in Canada in February, with units each model sold during the month:
1. Mazda – Mazda3 – 2,932
2. Toyota – Corolla – 2,665
3. Honda – Civic – 2,605 (sales are down 57.6 per cent for Feb 09 compared to Feb 08. Only the Toyota Yaris – down 49% year-over-year is worse)
4. Hyundai – Accent – 2,178
5. Hyundai – Elantra – 1,860 (sales up, year-over-year, 95.8%!)
General Motors, incidentally, does not have a single model in the top 10 sellers in February. Chrylser had one — the Caliber — and Ford’s Focus came in at number 10.
And just so you can compare, Desrosiers has compiled a list of the best-selling passenger vehicles since 1990 in Canada. The Honda Civic tops that list. In fact, it’s the only model that’s sold more than 1 million units in Canada. Here’s the top 10 best-sellers since 1990 and their units sold:
1. Honda Civic – 1,080,235
2. GM – Cavalier – 738,437
3. Toyota – Corolla – 719,414
4. GM – Sunbird/Sunfire – 596,915
5. Honda – Accord – 518,984
6. Toyota – Camry – 427,163
7. Ford – Taurus – 379,930
8. GM – Grand Am – 331,059
9. Volkswagen – Jetta – 308,928
10. Ford – Focus – 306,364
You’ll notice that there is not a single Chrysler product in that top 10…

And the crappy GM cars are well gone, replaced by–wow!–the Chevy Cobalt and Aveo, and the Pontiac G6. See “Ratings” here. Whoopee for the General.
I’m just certain a nationalized Chrysler would do a bang-up job designing and selling green cars (Update here).
Mark C.

5 thoughts on “Mazda3 best selling car in Canada—GM? Chrysler?

  1. Chris says:

    A couple of years ago I wrote both Chrysler and VW Canada to ask them when they were going to introduce a micro-van. Having driven a VW Toran in the UK, I was impressed with the size and the seven passenger capability. I wanted to down size from the Caravan and thought the Touran was the perfect size for a larger family, hockey gear and it was economical. I was told by both that there were no plans for this type of vehicle in North America. Chrysler was happy with its current range of SUV and vans and VW said that it was going to introduce a full size van and the newer 4×4 SUV. Both said their marketing teams had forecast that there was no market for a smaller car or van.
    I wrote back asking the obvious question as to what planet were they living on where a fuel efficient smaller car had no market?
    I told them they should fire their marketers and try again before they lost too much market share. What a bunch of idiots.
    No, both deserve their fate and I am not going to help them by purchasing another one of their products with my after tax money, and I really resent having my tax money spent on them, when its their own damn fault.

  2. real conservative says:

    Chrysler has made good small cars before and been a leader in some of those segments but made a dunder mover going back to ‘muscle’ in recent years. Lee, are you coming outta retirement?

  3. Michael says:

    I love my Mustang. I hear the Challenger is very nice. Apparantly it is outselling the Mustang. That is very hard to do. Apparantly, Chrysler (Dodge) got that one right!

  4. Kursk says:

    As i look out my window on a suburban street in Oshawa, i can count 6 Mazda’s..5 Mazda 3’s (one hatchback) and one Mazda 6..
    These cars are popular for a reason, they are economical, look good, drive superbly and are very reasonable in price..

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