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While blogs like this one by definition have a viewpoint, one certainly tries to keep one’s mind, er, exposed, what with subscribing to the NY Review of Books, the London Review of Books (now that’s one progressive paper), and the Sunday New York Times–not to mention, gasp, the Globe and Mail.
Mildly related:

…you can imagine the tut-tutting in newsrooms last week when a memo surfaced from Ellen McDonnell, National Public Radio’s director of morning programming, announcing that the company was canceling all of its newspaper subscriptions to save money. And why not? Almost all of those papers make their stories available online for free.
The irony is that NPR stations spend countless hours of airtime reminding listeners that the programs they provide for free cost money to produce, and would no longer be available if listeners paid nothing for them. The same could be said of the articles NPR employees will now be reading for free, given how little newspapers make from online advertising relative to their production costs…

Mark C.

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