Norman Spector socks it to Lounge Lizard Larry of the Globe and Mail:

Shifting attention to the US in order to avoid accountability
To save journalism, bring on that Jon Stewart outrage (MARTIN)

Canadian journalism hasn’t been caught off guard to the American degree. But through much of the Republican wreckage of the past eight years, we were well short of impressive. As George W. Bush brought down his country and, by extension, damaged this country’s interests, our journalistic voices were tame in charting his folly. Those who tried to hit hard had to listen to sophomoric garbage about being “anti-American.” Of course, telling the truth about the Bush administration was about the most pro-American thing anyone could do.

Memo to L. Martin: Canadian journalists did not so much as report the debate over sending Canadian troops to Kandahar [and, disgracefully, barely nothing for about a year after that – MC]. And we don’t have a Jon Stewart to point out that, and other lapses.

Mark C.


  1. Terry Glavin says:

    This is one of those delicious occasions when irony undergoes a metamorphosis into paradox and then into self-parody, like larva into pupa into moth: A pillar of the soft and fuzzy Canadian news media establishment issues a rallying cry for a “counterculture” resurgence in the Canadian news media that should emulate the style of an American comedian in mock-rage mode, all in aid of the argument that we need more “solid news coverage, not less.”
    Lawrence Martin is a miracle of nature.

  2. Attila says:

    Wait, let me get this straight. There’s actually someone out there who thinks the media was too SOFT on George Bush?????

  3. John b says:

    From Martin: “Canadian journalism moved to the right of the population.”
    Sure as hell not from the view in Toronto.

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