A good idea–thrice!

Jason Kenney (gasp! acting like a real conservative) is on a roll:

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says immigrants who can’t speak English or French well enough should be denied citizenship…

As for Mr Kenney’s keeping George Galloway out, Terry Glavin draws our attention to the response by some Canadian progressives:

…when we turn in Canada for left-wing leadership on the question of what to do about George, we are summoned [guess by whom] to rally to his cause, and instructed to subscribe to a conspiracy theory.
Worse – to give you an idea just how degenerate certain sections of the “Left” in this country have become – Galloway is routinely celebrated as an “anti-war” hero. And not just by lunatic-fringe elements who show up at demonstrations with embarrassing placards, either…

And there’s more from the intrepid Mr Kenney!

Ottawa may halt grants to ‘anti-Semitic’ groups

Mark C.

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