Glavin on Galloway

No tears for the Scottish thug:

George Galloway, the British MP who has just now been denied entry to Canada, is a petty and notoriously corrupt streetcorner demagogue who moonlights as a scab for the journalist-jailing authoritarian regime in Tehran. He is perhaps the English-speaking world’s most strident defender of the boodthirsty, far-right religious movement Hezbollah, Tehran’s proxy army in Lebanon. He is a successful fundraiser for the religious-fundamentalist death cult Hamas, which is banned in Canada and for which it is specifically illegal to raise funds in Canada.
Galloway is a thug, a collaborator with totalitian Baathism, and one of the most sinister champions of a global Islamist reaction that has resulted in the jailing, torture and execution of tens of thousands of Muslim democrats, women’s rights leaders, socialists and liberals. A proper left-wing debate about what to do about someone like George Galloway might focus on whether he should be summarily executed as a counter-revolutionary, allowed to serve out the remainder of his miserable life in prison, or allowed to remain at large so that the people could laugh at him, insult him, or ignore him tho their heart’s content.
But when we turn in Canada for left-wing leadership on the question of what to do about George, we are summoned to rally to his cause, and instructed to subscribe to a conspiracy theory.
We should be allowed by our own laws to determine the company we keep. Much of the Left in Canada may well be too far gone to be able to recognize a dirty little blackshirt like Galloway for what he is. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should not be entitled to live in a country with laws sufficient to welcome our friends in the struggle for democracy and against tyranny, and laws sufficient to deny safe harbour, of any kind, to any of their sworn enemies.

Damian P.

6 thoughts on “Glavin on Galloway

  1. ian says:

    Galloway is a sell out.
    He has pandered to the terrorists to be their friend just so he can get his name and face into the media.
    Google his respect party to see the tricks they have been up to and the militant Muslim membership.
    George can have no complaints about not getting in to Canada because as he well knows the old Scots saying
    “If ye flee with the Craws you get shot wi the Craws”

  2. stephen Reeves says:

    They should let him in, just to see who shows up for his lecture, at a United Church ! . Last time he came the elite of the Annex came out to see him and of course Olivia Chow and her buddies, they loved him.

  3. Terry Glavin says:

    “They should let him in, just to see who shows up for his lecture, at a United Church.”
    This is not a bad idea. It would create what I believe soldiers call a “target rich environment.”

  4. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    Then the Speaker of the House could forward a summary of Mr Galloway’s remarks to the Speaker at Westminster, commenting on any ‘misspeaks’ as reflecting on the dignity of Parliament at Westminster.

  5. SLM says:

    “This is not a bad idea. It would create what I believe soldiers call a “target rich environment.””
    I’ll give this site credit. Never thought I’d read on a Conservative Blog a call for a church to be blown up. And I thought I was the self-loathing westerner.

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