Cannabis culture, indeed

You knew this was coming – though not necessarily from “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, commenting at The Shotgun:

Its a triumph of Canada’s Israeli lobby that the Conservative & Liberals in government here in Canada can bar an elected member of the British Parliament based on his correct and truthful views on the middle east. Jews are my favorite people much of the time but they do influence Canada & the US governments way too much in an unhealthy way. Bernie Farber of Canadian Jewish Congress was in the Asper owned Israel-lobby newspaper National Post today urging Galloway be barred from Canada for his support of the liberation group Hamas and Hezbolleh.

Canadian immigration officials banned the “God Hates Fags” crowd from the country last year. Proof that the Harper government is controlled by the gay-rights lobby, obviously.
(To be fair, I really shouldn’t compare George Galloway to the Phelps clan. The Phelpses merely say gays and lesbians are doomed to hellfire and damnation. Galloway gave money to an organization that executes them.)
Damian P.

8 thoughts on “Cannabis culture, indeed

  1. mark says:

    Exactly Damian. But people like Thomas Walkom in the Toronto Star and their editorial writers conveniently forget this fact. They were ok keeping Phelps and his ‘family’ out but someone they agree with is banned by the same law? Well that is wrong and an affront to Canadian values.

  2. Dr.Dawg says:

    The Phelpses were coming up here with the clear intent to break the law–because picketing funerals happens to be illegal. It’s hard to see what law that windbag Galloway would be breaking, on the other hand. That being said, I’m not losing a lot of sleep over this, even if Jason Kenney appears to have gone well off the rails over the past few days.

  3. Greg says:

    He is a known, self admitted, and proud fundraiser for terrorist organisations, so I would fear that he might encourage that while he is here. That would be the crime one should worry about Dawg. Maybe we should let him in and then arrest him for his prior activities. Probably not possible given jurisdiction.

  4. Blame Crash says:

    Of course the Government of Canada is correct in refusing entry to any and all terrorist supporters, especially one’s like this “Cats Meow” dirtbag. And I’m really impressed with how it was done.
    As far as “The Shotgun” goes, all I can say is what a bloody disgrace it’s become.

  5. Peter says:

    “Jews are my favorite people much of the time”
    “Some of my best friends are Jews”
    You say tomayto, I say tomahto…

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