7 thoughts on “Stay classy, Gutfeld

  1. John B says:

    Crap, that’s a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Someone please tell me, are these people supposed to be funny or witty?

  2. AnthonyX says:

    Canadian RED EYE fan here.
    This show is 100% complete non-serious comedy.
    And Gutfelds character I have always found to be the Ultimate Ugly American cliche. Purposely misprouncing names of other cities and countries and being willfully geographically challenged.
    And to be fair, they were discussing a story where a CDN general was quoted as saying his troops need a year off. The ywere just goofing on that. They are very PRO-TROOPS.

  3. Ken says:

    Canada’s refusal to fund a larger military is absolutely fair game for mockery — in fact, it cries out for it, as Canadians insult the USA at every turn while depending on us for their national defense (which was actually hinted at by the post at The Torch, but without drawing the obvious conclusion).
    This is just the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog business all over again, except Red Eye wasn’t as funny or quite as spot-on as Triumph.

  4. j says:

    Um, didn’t the US military face similar personnel shortages (even though they have one million in uniform) in Iraq, which meant extending the period personnel were required to stay in Iraq?
    They also faced attrition issues. Losing qualified and experienced personnel.
    Oh, and also, not one CF member has refused to go to Afghanistan. And don’t count that one navy reservist. In fact, all have volunteered to be there.

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