What’s US $165 million? Look at “The House that Alex Built”

Those AIG bonuses, divided amongst quite a few people, are peanuts I say. So AIG did not perform. A-Rod (that’s one person) has a contract with the NY Yankees for $275 million. The Yankees, with A-Rod since 2004, have not won a World Series. Performance?
Here’s the relevance: public money is involved, in large amounts, in subsidizing the new Yankee Stadium. I want, I demand, an immediate Congressional crucifixion. Especially since A-Roid actually cheated after he got his $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers in 2001. The team then did nothing; but A-Roid got his stats; the Yankees got him; and the stadium got the subsidies. An arguable case of, I think, post hoc propter hoc being true.
A bit of perspective might be in order, especially as the new stadium is getting a lot more public money than those people at AIG.
Mark C.

3 thoughts on “What’s US $165 million? Look at “The House that Alex Built”

  1. Bruce Rheinstein says:

    Just think of how useful the new Populist Rage Tax is. Gin up hatred against an identifiable group and then tax them to destruction.

  2. Thomas Jackson says:

    President BO is running his two minutes iof hate campaign against corporate officials now that his Limbaugh campaign blew up in his kisser.
    I wonder why the dhimmies find AIG bonuses onjectionable and not those for Fannie Mae or Ginnie Mae? Its also interesting to see ACORN organizing the nutroots to stalk AIG officials on orders from the usual WH suspects.
    Looks like fascism will reign in the US for the next four years.
    This is what the Left delivers when it promises “hope and change.”
    You gotta be a member of the Nationalist Socialist Party to appreciate the smirking chimp completely. I do so love them shredding the constitution and passing bills of attainder.

  3. Annoying Old Guy says:

    That’s not to mention that AIG disclosed the bonuses in their SEC filings months ago, it was discussed at the Treasure months ago (in meetings that were suspsended by the incoming Obama Administration), Secretary of the Treasury Geithner knew. It wasn’t a secret, it wasn’t a suddent decision, it was signed off on by AIG political masters. And now those same masters are upset? History really does start at 8:45 AM every morning for these people.

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