7 thoughts on “When domain names go wrong

  1. Michael Harkov says:

    Hahahahahaahahah! Liberal internet amateur hour strikes again.
    Hey, if Jennifer Wright filed a lawsuit against the Liberal party for stealing the Greenshift name, what about the owner of that porn site?
    Imagine how delicious that would be, the Liberal party being sued for stealing the domain name of a PORN SITE!

  2. TangoJuliette says:

    Ahhhh, Michael. And dimfella da whizard. Well played. Well laid.
    Mickey as “Dominant,” dimfella as hulking, malevolent “Igor” – poor Canada as the “Submissive?” Hot damn, that puts a burr under my saddle, mister master.
    Tho it is quite nice to see just how much “worldly, urbane sophistication” and overwhelming arrogance Count Mickey picked up during his sojourn to those distant, exotic lands. Note that many of the Dom’s “qualities” listed above, were found to have not been present on our PM’s CV. Our media wisefolks repeatedly cited these flaws as good reason not to trust Harper. “He never travelled abroad!”
    Travel abroad? Seems to me that neither did Christ, Buddha, Mohammed,Vishnu and countless others, put much mileage on their sandals.
    qu’elle nimrods ces buffons de parti Librano!,
    t.e. & o.e.

  3. Greg says:

    Even without the porn reference the whole web site makes them look stupid. They were roundly ridiculed for their whole phony ‘we vote with the CPC 20 times in a row but definitely not more than 30 times in a row, you’re on probation’ crap at the time.

  4. Joanne (T.B.) says:

    Sounds like they just backed down from that hill and supported the Government again tonight.
    You think it’s easy being a probation officer?

  5. Annoying Old Guy says:

    Let’s not all forget “whitehouse.com”, although it may have passed from the InterTubes (any bravos more daring than I am can check for us).

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