Obama needs Canada?

Paul Wells notices something:

Barack Obama publishes an op-ed in 31 newspapers and magazines around the world. None are Canadian.

Mark C.
Damian adds: I smell a front-page story in every Canadian daily newspaper…
Update: I guess Mr Wells no longer reads the paper he once worked for–so he tries to get in a huff about the Huffington Post:

We are shocked to discover that Barack Obama actually did have an op-ed in a Canadian newspaper (well, it was the National Post) and the Huffington Post didn’t even notice!

Thanks to bon in “Comments”.

5 thoughts on “Obama needs Canada?

  1. DaninVan says:

    Wouldn’t it be most likely that, in fact, Canadian papers chose NOT to run the oped, rather than it wasn’t offered? Perhaps it wasn’t Left enough?

  2. fernstalbert says:

    Paul Wells is misinformed? Be still my beating heart. So good to see him humbled by poor fact checking (and I thought he was an automatic Obama supporter). His columns have become embarassing and hardly worth the effort of picking up the newspaper or typing in the internet address of the media he writes for. I gave up on his articles when Harper became PM – he was viscerally choked by the Conservatives being in power. So much for hubris.

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