Obama vs. the scumbags

Talking some real turkey:

Obama: US will stay on offense in Afghanistan
Nearing completion of a revamped strategy in Afghanistan, President Barack Obama on Tuesday [March 24] said the United States will “stay on the offensive” to dismantle terrorist operations in the country even as it rethinks its goals in trying to end the seven-year-old war.
The president did not divulge details of his administration’s war review, which he said is not yet complete. It is expected to be unveiled as soon as this week.
Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, Obama said the threat of al-Qaida and its terrorist affiliates has not gone away. As a consequence, he said, “it’s important for us to stay on the offensive.” Yet he emphasized that the U.S, working with its coalition partners, cannot simply win the war militarily.
“My expectations would be that over the next several years [emphasis added], you are going to see a much more comprehensive strategy, a more focused strategy, and a more disciplined strategy to achieve our common goals,” Obama said after meeting with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd [see second part here]…
…I think that the American and the Australian people people also recognize that in order for us to keep our homeland safe, and in order to maintain our way of life and ensure order in the international scene, we can’t allow vicious killers to have their way [emphasis added–I don’t think the Canadian people feel the same way],” he said. We’re going to do what’s required to make sure that does not happen.”

Sort of reminds me of a retired chief of the defence staff. I’m not much reminded of our prime minister. Ah, for the good old days when there really was an Obama Jack:

“Controlled anger, given what’s happened, is an appropriate response,” NDP Leader Jack Layton said. “We have a very committed, level-headed head of our armed forces, who isn’t afraid to express the passion that underlies the mission that front-line personnel are going to be taking on.
“A bit of strong language in the circumstances, I don’t find that to be wrong.”..

Mark C.

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