Super powers suck

Cracked explains why:

You may have noticed after your little impression of the Flash that your whole body’s wreathed in fire. It’s the friction of your body rubbing against a whole bunch of air molecules. The rest of us mortals aren’t bothered by that because we move at the pace of a narcoleptic snail compared to you.
…the sense of sight works by having the waves of visible light reflect from an object onto our retinas, where it forms an upside-down image and is transmitted to the brain where it’s converted into the image of whatever you were looking at.
You being invisible means that all those light waves are passing through your body. So, sure, they aren’t bouncing off you to return to someone else’s eyes, but this in turn means that they aren’t hitting your own retina, either. So, whenever you’re invisible, you’re also blind.

Damian P.

2 thoughts on “Super powers suck

  1. Eric Jablow says:

    Science fiction writer Larry Niven wrote a few essays on the problems of super powers, including discussion of invisibility causing blindness. The most famous of the essays was “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”.

  2. INP says:

    This isn’t as much funny as it is a waste of time. So, what have we learned? That super powers are an impossible fit with laws of physics? Well, duh, I think I’ll just retire to my collection of spiderman and never once contemplate how someone could generate enough force in a tiny wristbracelet gaget to fling a web 100 yards multiple times without a huge cannister of propellant stuck up his ass. What, the cannister is there? Oh, never mind. Did Gwendy know?

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