Who loves the CBC more?

During the Commons’ Question Period today, Canadian heritage minister James Moore slammed the Liberals for cutting $400 million from Mother Corpse’s budget, with the loss of 4,000 jobs, when they were in power. He then extolled the Conservative government for consistently increasing the CBC’s funding.
Who are these guys, anyway?
Mark C.

4 thoughts on “Who loves the CBC more?

  1. johndoe124 says:

    I like watching question period. Lots of hidden gems in the questions and answers. I keep hoping for a sign from anyone that the taxpayer isn’t just a figment of some bureaucrat’s imagination. But without fail all parties are contesting for the right to be the consummate spendthrift.

  2. aek says:

    “Who are these guys, anyway?”
    Hopefully they are setting up a defence in advance of a major CBC restructuring.
    It’s way past time that the Government of Canada got out of the television business.
    There is no need to have Canadian taxpayers subsidizing Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Martha Stewart, Disney, The Simpsons, Coronation Street, and all that other ‘Canadian culture’ stuff, and pay for all the CBC overhead to bring this to us while CBC execs ‘bonus themselves’ for spending our money.
    It’s not as is the private sector isn’t meeting market demand with hundreds of channels.

  3. gord tulk says:

    fattening the lamb before the slaughter. The CP is maintianing funding so when the time comes they will able to argue that the CBC ran itself into the ground – that the CP did not starve it of funds.

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