“Atlantic Television News”

If you’re ever asked to appear on this innocent-sounding news channel, warns James Kirchick, forget about it:

The request sounded innocent enough. “To all editors and TV stars on staff,” read the e-mail from an intern to the office-wide listserv of The New Republic, the magazine I work for. “A woman just called the office from Atlantic Television News (ATN), which is based in Denmark but has an office on K St. She is looking for someone to go on their news show Friday at 3 pm to do post-op on the VP debate.”
Two days later, I showed up at the studio, where a woman wearing a Muslim-style headscarf and the producer, another woman with a Middle Eastern–sounding name, greeted me. They led me to the green room, where one of my co-panelists, an Arab political analyst, was talking loudly on his cell phone. A homogeneous country, Denmark must be trying to impress us multicultural Americans, I presumed. Then my co-panelist finished his cell-phone conversation and asked me, “Is this your first time appearing on PressTV?”

Damian P.

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