Button’s big day

Why does this kind of thing always happen when I miss an F1 race?

Britain’s Jenson Button produced a flawless display to win the Australian Grand Prix on the Brawn team’s Formula One debut.
Button left team boss Ross Brawn speechless after leading an astonishing one-two ahead of Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello.
The 29-year-old, written off as on overpaid has-been after two dismal seasons with Honda, made it look like a walk in the park while his two closest rivals drove each other off the track in the twilight.
No Formula One team had won on their debut since Wolf in 1977 while the last to secure the top two places first time out was Mercedes, Brawn’s current engine suppliers in 1954.
Fifty-five years on, Button and Barrichello followed in the footsteps of the great Argentine champion Juan Manuel Fangio and Germany’s Karl Kling.
Button led from pole to chequered flag, despite two safety car periods, to take his first victory since Hungary in 2006 and score more points in a single afternoon than he had in two years with Honda.

How long has it been since a car unencumbered by a single sponsor’s logo won an F1 race?
Damian P.

5 thoughts on “Button’s big day

  1. dailybayonet says:

    Damian, you missed that Virgin signed on as sponsor and its logo was on the car. Richard Branson is now so enthused with F1 that he’s even talking about his own team in the future.
    You missed one of the best season openers in years. Sepang is this coming weekend, set the DVR, we’re in for a fun season.

  2. Hagbard Celine says:

    From what I caught of it, it looked like an awesome race (it was too nice outside and my motorcycle kept telling me to come out and play, so I missed a lot of the race). But what it does show is that Button’s problems were likely with the cars. Any ideas why Honda has withdrawn from F1?

  3. James says:

    Branson is lobbying Ecclestone, trying to get F1 to switch to a carbon neutral fuel… Branson’s carbon neutral fuel.
    Honda just couldn’t compete, for what reason I do not know. I guess when Ross Brawn heard that Honda was going to pull out, he continued development of the car, kept the team working together, got Button and Barichello to take paycuts, secured an engine contract with mercedes, and won race 1.
    Either Honda was running things poorly, and should have given more control to Ross Brawn, or their engines just sucked…

  4. dailybayonet says:

    To be fair, BrawnGP’s car was designed with Honda money, before the manufacturer decided to drop out of the sport. Honda’s 2008 car was so bad that they stopped development of it during the summer euro races to concentrate on the 09 car. It’s likely that the Brawn car had the most development time of any car in the field.
    The only real surprise (apart from the Brawn MBO so near to the season opener) was that the ex-Ferrari guru rejected the Italian engines in favour of the Mercedes block.

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