The last word on Galloway

The Shotgun, posting a live video of Galloway’s speech:
His being barred from Canada is part of the reason why we are posting this video. It has become significant news. Whereas, had Galloway just been permitted to come into Canada, it would have been a minor story.
I applauded his exclusion from Canada when it was first reported, and I still believe the government was justified in doing so. But in practice, it’s been an early Christmas gift for the traitor.
Damian P.

8 thoughts on “The last word on Galloway

  1. Richard Evans says:

    I’m not inclined to agree… Any thinking person will look at the issue and understand that Galloway was barred because he’s provided material support to terrorists. The CBC may play it up but, again, most thinking people have a clear understanding that the CBC is pro terrorist and they’ll put the broadcasts into their proper context…

  2. Greg R says:

    Richard – I’m afraid I must disagree with you. The majority of non-political-junky people have no interest in the subtleties, and believe this is a case suppression of free speech. You and I know that he is free to speak, but the idiots in George Stephanopoulous’ audience don’t, even when they’re listing to Galloway at tax-payers’ expense.
    You and I also know that the “aid convoy” last month was manifestly material support for a terrorist organization, but the average person allows themselves to believe that government-Hamas is different from terrorist-Hamas.
    Finally you and I, and Jason Kenney, all know that this ban is not really about the “aid convoy” at all, but about Galloway’s long history of dealing in dirty money. Unfortunately his role in Oil-for-Food has been buried, and he’ll never get his just deserts, but at least he knows that some of us aren’t fooled.

  3. Blame Crash says:

    This is one of those times when you have stand for what you believe in and get tough and grant no quarter. Tell him and his ilk: “tough shit, you dirtbags”.
    I could care less if Galloway can find support amongst the socialists and libertarians. If they want to wear the stench of this buffoons hate filled ideology, this supporter of the scum that are killing Canadian soldiers, then go ahead and enjoy his pungent odor. Many of them will not even notice the smell because they themselves reek just as violently as their new found beloved.
    And this is a excellent example of why I support the Conservatives. I don’t expect them to be ever without fault, but this would have never happened under a Coalition or Liberal government. Guaranteed!
    “Grant No Quarter!”

  4. DaninVan says:

    ‘Blame Crash’ is right on the money. If there’s any criticism it’s that Kenney needed to state the case against Galloway in more detail. Leave NO room for this specious ‘Freedom of Speech’ argument.
    Individuals (non-Can. citizens)are booted out regularly…not regularly enough and not all that ought to be…but let’s be a wee bit more discriminating about who gets in in the first place, eh?

  5. Brian says:

    … don’t agree.
    Galloway is only an issue BECAUSE a Jason Kenny , a Conservative minister , backed by Canadian Border Services by the way ( … funny that is not the issue!) barred Galloway.
    If a Liberal had barred Galloway it wouldn’t be an issue with the MSM.

  6. INP says:

    Foreigners get way too many rights here in Canada anyway. Who cares who is denied entry and why. I couldn’t care less if the Pope was denied entry. It doesn’t affect my life one iota – just as long as Canadians have the right to free speech. And that means the right to deny the holocaust, speak out against homosexuality or call anyone nasty names. If you are a Canadian, speak your mind and good luck to you. If you are not a Canadian, I could care less if you are barred from my country for whatever reason.

  7. Roger says:

    Maybe the leftists or the CBC missed the YouTube videos by a young Muslim that had a Video Phone during a closed-door rally for Galloway where he fired-up the mob by claiming that Canada was at war with islam and we were killing Muslims in Afghanistan.
    The videos also have Galloway telling the youth that they have the responsibility to do Jihad in canada to oppose the violence by the State to kill your Brothers and Sisters around the world.
    Then we had the reporter that comment about Olivia Chow at a 2005 galloway speech for a UofT rally held by the anti-Israel yahoos,the reporter was shocked that Galloway went on a rant that the USA deserved 9/11 (even though 24 canadians were murdered that day by 19 muslims) at which the crowd and Chow stood up and clapped his tirade .
    For Chow to praise the murdering of 24 canadians by 19 Muslims was enough to make me sick and want her out of Politics forever , it was bad enough that the Liberals had to avoid mentioning the “S” word (Sikh) after 240 canadians were slaughtered at 35’000 feet and 500 MPH in sub-zero air from the bombs palnted on the Air India 747.
    The CBC refuses to link Muslims and Sikhs to the 2 mass murders because it would offend them or have Barbara Hall after them with huge fines for racism and Human Rights violation to a minority group.
    So I guess that once canadians become a Minority in canada we can then start to bomb Mosques and Sikh temples because it’s out turn to be the victim of oppression by the majority.
    Galloway is listed on the CIC website for the video that Muhammad Elmasry made during Georges last visit , the sales ofr the video and Anti-canada T-Shirts go to the freedom-fighter’s causes .
    The CIC website forces people to fill out a form in order to buy the video , this I assume is to stop non-Muslims from seeing the tirades and pro-Jihad rants that lead to 2 18 Member Terror cells arrested in canada since that tour in 2005.
    If this was a free-speech issue we wouldn’t have had the Concordia riots by the pro-hamas students opposing a jew being on campus to make a speech , and where was Olivia Chow when a US Minister was barred from canada for a views on same-gender marriage ?
    Wake-up people, free speech in their eyes is allowed only when your view is the same as theirs so they don’t get hurt or have their reality bubble explode and expose themselves to new idea and thoughts that may show how the last 20 years of their lives was wasted by following the bitter anger hippies from the 60’s or feminists filled with self-hatred and want everyone equally as depressed and pathetic.

  8. Roger says:

    here’s the link to the CIC website, seems that they no longer have the Charity Status for Donations and now can Legally shellout anti-Israel books for every $100.00 given from the guilt that good Muslims must tithe to please Allah and spead his peaceful Sharia Law like in saudi Arabia.
    Funny though,the new CIC president also cursaded for Shariah Law in canada and had the nerve deny it one night on the CBC once it was kicked to the curb and banned in canada.
    The new President has also covered up the brutle Honour killings in canada and the USA by claiming they are “Domestic” violence attacks by males and not linked to islam or Muslims.
    Thank God the RCMP listened to me a few years ago when I reported the CIC’s calls for Jihad against the jews and canada on their website while they had the Charity Status for donations , Muhammad Elmasry drove the last nail into the coffin with his trirade on TV to declare all israelis on earth over 18 as valid targets for murder by suicide bombers.
    maybe someone with a Muslim/Arab name could buy the galloway Video and watch it to see exactly what Elmasry and the CIC don’t want non-Muslims to view.
    Check out the $25.00 T-Shirts they sell that mock our Troops as puppets for Bush and being little kids with guns that are too ignorant to know what they are doing.
    The more Soldiers that die, the more fodder to lie about Jihad and mock our troops by selling more T-Shirts.
    Imagine if the Nazi party had a Hitler T-Shirt
    being sold in canada at the Universities to raise funds for a campaign to get canada out of Britain’s war…..oh wait…the Nazis had Trudeau touring Quebec with a Nazi helmet and telling the French that it wasn’t France’s war(this prior to June 1040)and that the the soldier being killed in Europe were suckers because germany wasn’t at war with canada.
    This explains why Trudeau Junior loves Cuba and castro, he also took sides with the iraq’s because Seddam was only murdering 5000 civilians a month which was less that those in Bush’s war.
    But the U.N. could only account for 60’000 deaths and not the 1’000’000 repeated by the leftists here in the west.
    BTW, even the 60’000 deaths include the natural deaths from the mean population figures for seniors or existing medical problems.
    Seddam used to just shoot the sick and bury them in the desert , or push them into a plastic shredding machine to hear them scream.

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