Who knew Heather Mallick was so fond of Canada’s British heritage?

George Galloway should be allowed into Canada because he’s a Scot, or something. Also, there is no freedom of speech in “this hamster country” because a campus pro-life group got one of her speeches canceled once.
“I have learned to distrust anyone who uses the phrase free speech as a weapon to attack others. They want speech to be free when it is theirs alone,” writes Mallick. No kidding:

CBC.ca writer Heather Mallick likewise expressed approval of student associations that cut off funding to pro-life groups — because “the rights of Canadian women “are not up for debate.”

(Yes, I know funding and censorship are not necessarily the same thing. But it’s usually the likes of Mallick who shriek “censorship!” whenever someone she likes is at risk of losing public money.)
Damian P.

2 thoughts on “Who knew Heather Mallick was so fond of Canada’s British heritage?

  1. Ellie in T.O. says:

    “I could listen to Galloway all night. He’s practically Shakespearean in his fierceness and perfect phrasing. He’s like Tony Benn (another troublesome British politician of the left) whose oratory was so valued that it was actually released on CD with an ambient soundtrack.”
    Soooo, any suggestions for a Galloway soundtrack? My personal preference woud be “Pop Goes the Weasel”.

  2. Patrick Ross says:

    Only someone as crazed as Heather Mallick would want someone like George Galloway to get into the country.
    Unfortunately, there are quite a few crazies out there.

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