6 thoughts on “The least fair fight in history

  1. Travis says:

    He asked a simple question (as dumb as it was), and then refused to listen to the answer…. which is even dumber.

  2. el Ricardo the smooth man says:

    This is the clip I have not watched more than any other. Rushdie, Hitchens and … Mos Def. I cannot bear to watch humiliation and embarrassment, especially when they are self-inflicted. It literally sickens me, like not being able to look away from an obese person in time. But when did we begin to regard ignorance and criminality as worthy traits of the accomplished man? It’s the Renaissance in reverse! Check this out! Mothafucka cain’t tie his shoe! Put him on a network show… have him debate Christopher Hitchens! What happened to get us here? How will we get out?

  3. DaninVan says:

    All other considerations aside, the simple answer to Mos Def’s answer is “the Koran.” THAT’s their manifesto.

  4. DaninVan says:

    Further to my above comment (walking the dog took priority) Hitchens et al missed a golden teaching opportunity. Obviously it was more important to beat up on M.D. than to educate the viewing audience, after all that’s what this was, a TV event. You know for an absolute certainty that had that been an Islamist spokesperson (in Hitchen’s place) the opportunity to preach to the infidel would not have gone unseized.
    If we lose the ‘war’ it’ll be because of our seeming inability to ‘sell’ effectively

  5. Dara says:

    Heh, that’s a good one Dan.
    I wonder if the archbishop of the church of “because I’m the king” realizes that the contribution that Islam is making to the debate is going to push the debate into the realm of why we give such deference to religion, ANY religion, in the first place.

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